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Rickey Henderson

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Q: Who holds the Major League record in Stolen Bases?
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What was the most stolen bases ricky Henderson had in one year?

He set the major league record with 130 stolen bases in 1982.

What player holds the major league record for stolen bases in one game?

Carl Crawford

Who holds the Major league Baseball record for the most stolen bases in a single season?

Rickey Henderson

What is the record for most stolen bases in a single Major League game?

The MLB record for stolen bases in a game is 7 by George Gore of the Chicago White Stockings in 1881 and Billy Hamilton of the Philadelphia Phillies in 1894.

Is there an award in Major League Baseball for most stolen bases?

Yes Ricky Henderson with 1,403 stolen bases

Who led Major League Baseball in stolen bases in 2004?

Scott Podsednik led the National League, and the Majors with 70 stolen bases in 2004.

What was the record for most stolen bases in a single Major League Baseball season?

Rickey Henderson had 130 stolen bases in 1982 In the really dead ball era of baseball, Hugh Nicol of the Cincinnati Red Stockings in the American Association, then considered a major league, stole 138 bases in 1887.

What is the team record for stolen bases in a major league season?

In the AA League in 1887, Philadelphia had 638 The NL record is held by the 1893 Giants with 426 Since 1900, the Major League record is 347 by the 1911 Giants The AL record is held by the 1976 Oakland A's with 341

Who holds the record for most career stolen bases and whose record did he break?

On May 1, 1991, Rickey Henderson, then with the Oakland A's, broke Lou Brock's career stolen base record of 938. Henderson went on to steal a major-league record 1,406 bases lifetime.

What is the record for most stolen bases by a rookie in a single major league baseball season?

That record is held by Vince Coleman of the St. Louis Cardinals who stole 110 bases in his rookie year of 1985.

What major league player has the second most stolen bases?

Lou Brock 938

Who has the most stolen bases in the MLB?

Rickey Hendreson stole 1406 bases in his career, the best in Major League Baseball

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