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2nd most career hits in MLB history is 4,189 by Ty Cobb. First is 4,256 by Pete Rose.

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Q: Who holds the Major League Baseball record for second most career hits?
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In baseball who holds the record for most RBIs?

Career and Single Season RBI LeadersHank Wilson of the Chicago Cubs holds the major League record for RBIs in a single season with 191 hit in 1930. New York Yankees, Lou Gehrig holds the American League record for RBIs in a single season with 184 in 1931. Hank Aaron holds the Major League record for career RBIs with 2,297 and the National League record with 2,202. Babe Ruth is second in career RBIs with 2,218, and hold the American League career RBI record with 2,201.

Who holds the record for the most strikeouts for his career in major league baseball?

Nolan Ryan with 5,714. Randy Johnson, in second place, trails by over 1000.

Who holds the professional baseball record for most home runs in a career?

In Major League Baseball, it is Barry Bonds with 762. However his record has been questioned because of his alleged steroid use. The current second place home run hitter is Henry "Hank" Aaron with 755.

Who has the second most lifetime hits in baseball?

Ty Cobb has the second most career hits in baseball. He held the record for over fifty years until Pete Rose broke it.

Who is in second for most hits in major league baseball?

For a career -- Ty Cobb (4189, second to Pete Rose) For a season -- George Sisler (257, second to Ichiro Suzuki)

Who has the second most saves in Major League baseball in their career?

Trevor Hoffman with 601. Mariano Rivera is the all-time saves leader.

Which NFL quarterback has the second most career touchdowns?

Dan Marino holds the record for second most career touchdowns with 418

Who holds the MLB record for career hits by a second baseman?


Who has the second longest career by a major league pitcher?

Phil neckro

Who has the second longest pitching career in major league?

tom seaver

Did Tommy john have the second longest major league pitching career?


What is Chuck Knoblauch famous for?

Chuck Knoblauch (Real name "Edward Charles Knoblauch") is a retired Major League Baseball player, and is famous for a successful Major League Baseball career. His debut was in 1991 for the Minnesota Twins. He mostly played Second Baseman.

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