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I can't say as that I know that answer but since Pete Rose holds the MLB career record for games played with 3,562 my guess would be Pete Rose.

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Q: Who holds the Major League Baseball career record for most innings played?
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How many innings are played in Major League Baseball?


How many innings must be played for a major league baseball game to be considered complete?

9 innings

Most innings ever played in major league baseball?

The MLB record for innings played was 26 by Brooklyn and Boston in 1920. The minor league record is 33 innings between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Socks in 1981.

How many innings are played in Little League?

A regulation game will have 6 innings.

How many innings does a little league baseball game have?

Some games have 6 innings of playing, and some are 9. Usually my old team played six.

How many innings are played in junior league little league?


What was the longest game in innings played in baseball?

33 innings long

What is the longest major league baseball game ever played in history?

New york mets 22 innings

When did Connie Mack start his career in major league baseball?

Connie Mack began his major league baseball career in 1886. He played the position of catcher for the Washington Nationals.

How many innings are played in a division 1 collegiate baseball game?

9 innings

How many innings were played in baseball in the 1920s?

15 innings were played because crowds were constantly wanting more play

How many innings in a typical baseball game?

A regular baseball game has 9 innings. If the score is tied after 9 innings, extra innings are played until until the game is resolved. The longest running game in professional baseball history lasted 33 innings with 8 hours and 25 minutes of playing time. It was between the Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings from the Triple-A International League in 1981.

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