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Linford Christie 9.87s

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Allan Wells

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Q: Who holds the British mens 100m record?
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Who holds the mens 100m sprint Olympic record and what is his time?

usian bolt

What is the 100m athletics record for the mens?


World record in mens 100m sprint at 2008 Olympics?

Usain Bolt

What is the world record for mens 100m?

9.58s by Usain Bolt of Jamaica.

What is the world record for the mens and womens 100m sprint?

9:58 by jamaicas Usain Bolt,10:49 in womens 100m sprint

Who holds the Australian record for the mens long jump?

Mike Powell

Who holds the record for the mens 1000 meter run?

Noah Ngeny

Who holds the mens world record for 200m hurdles?

Andy Turner

Mens 200m world record holders?

Usain Bolt holds the record with a 19.30 in Beijing!

Who won the gold medal mens 100m at the olympic games 2012?

Usain Bolt (JAM) in 9.63s and Olympic record.

Who holds the mens 10 km race record in world?

Kenenisa Bekele.

Which school holds the record for 30 win season mens basketball?