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Derek Jeter (aka Mr. November) holds the record for most postseason appearances. He's played in 158 postseason games with a .309 career postseason batting average. The New York Yankees have made it to the postseason every year since Jeter joined the team, with the exceptions of 2008 and 2013.

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As of the 2009 World Series, the New York Yankees is the MLB team that has been in the playoffs the most times at 48.

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Derek Jeter has the most career postseason games played with 138.

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Dave Martinez

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Q: Who holds the Baseball Record for most complete games in a season?
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Who holds the record for most complete games pitched in a season without recording a shutout?

cy young with 749 complete games

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Who holds the record for the most innings pitched in a major league season?

The all time MLB record is 680 innings by Will White of the 1879 Cincinnati Reds. White pitched 75 complete games that season and had a record of 43-31 with a 1.99 ERA.

Do interleague baseball games count as much as regular season games?

They count in the teams overall won-loss record just like all in-league games.

How many complete games does roy halladay have?

In the 2011 season, Roy has 6 complete games. In his career, he has 64 complete games.

How many baseball games did the New York Yankees win in 1998?

In 1998, the Yankees regular season record was 114-48. They finished the postseason with a record of 11-2.

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers record at the start of the 2009 season?

The Steelers started the 2009 season with a 6-2 record, then lost five games in a row. They won their final three games and ended the season with a 9-7 record.

Who broke Cal's record in baseball?

His record for most consecutive games may never be broken...the active player with the most consecutive games as of the end of the 2014 season hasn't broken 400 yet, and Cal Ripken Jr.'s record is 2,632.

What was the best baseball season for the Houston Astros?

The Astros best regular season record was 102-60 in 1998. They were defeated by the San Diego Padres in the NLDS that season, 3 games to 1. The Astros only World Series appearance was in 2005 where they lost to the Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 0. Their regular season record in 2005 was 89-73.

Number baseball games per season?

162 regular season games.

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What is the single season save record for a rookie pitcher?

Through the 2010 season, 40 by Neftali Feliz of the 2010 Texas Rangers. Through 125 games of the 2011 season, Craig Kimbrel of the Atlanta Braves has 37 saves and, barring injury or complete collapse by the Braves, should break the record.