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Satchel Paige

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Q: Who holds record for the oldest pitcher to pitch in the MLB?
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Who holds the record for the fastest pitch in softball?

Amie Harre

Who holds the record for being hit by a pitch?

Cal Ripken jr.

Which major league pitcher holds the record for most pitches thrown in career?

That is a record that will never be known. Pitch counts in baseball have only been important in the last 25-30 years. Before the mid 70s or so pitch counts were not a statistic that teams kept.

What SF Giant holds record for being hit by a pitch?

Barry Bonds

When is a pitcher in a baseball game the pitcher of record to begin an inning Is it during his warm up tosses Or is it the first pitch to the first batter?

it is always the first pitch

How many batters does a pitcher have to face to record a start?

For a pitcher to be credited with a start they only have to throw the first pitch of the game.

Who holds record for first pitch lead off home run?

ricky henderson

Who is the fastest softball pitcher?

Zara Mee broke the record in 2006 with an 111 mph softball pitch.

Has there ever been in the MLB a pitcher who threw a 3 pitch inning?

Yes. Record held by many.

What batter holds record for most times being hit by pitch in consecutive at bats?

Craig Biggio

What does the pitcher have to be on when they are delivering the pitch?

The pitcher must be on the "rubber" when making a pitch.

Does a pitcher pitch good or pitch well?

A good pitcher pitches well.

How many pitches does a pitcher need to be eligible for a win in 9 inning game?

Pitch count has nothing to do with eligibility to be the winning pitcher. In a scheduled 9-inning game, the starting pitcher must pitch 5 complete innings to be eligible to be the winning pitcher. Relief pitchers must be the pitcher of record when the winning team takes the lead, and never relinquishes the lead, to be the winning pitcher.

Who was the oldest player to ever play for the New York Yankees?

Th oldest player to play for the Yankees was Phil Niekro at age 46 Niekro became the oldest pitcher to pitch a shutout in the major leagues, and became the only pitcher to throw a complete game shutout for his 300th win. [This from a Puerto Rico Yankee fan]

Speed of a baseball thrown by a pitcher?

it depends on who the pitcher is, what type of pitch and how much movement the pitch has

If a pitch is hit does it count as a strike or a ball against a pitcher's pitch count?

The pitch goes towards the pitcher's strike count.

Where does the pitcher try to throw his pitch?

A pitcher usually tries to throw a pitch where the hitter can't hit it .

What is the rule about the number of consecutive innings a pitcher can pitch?

In MLB, there is no rule about the number of consecutive innings a pitcher can pitch.

In fast pitch softball does the pitcher have to be in contact with the pitching rubber?

Yes, the pitcher has to be in contact with the rubber or if not the pitch will be illegal

What is the record for consecutive strikes thrown by a pitcher?

38 by Oakland Athletics' pitcher Bartolo Colon on April 18th, 2012 against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The feat started on the second pitch of the fifth inning, and lasted until the seventh pitch of the eighth inning.

Pitcher enters a game in the top of the 9th. His team is down by 1 run. A runner is caught stealing before he throws a pitch. His team wins the game in the bottom of the 9th. Is he the winning pitcher?

Yes. Even though the pitcher did not throw a pitch he was the pitcher of record when the winning runs scored. So he would get credit for the win. Let's say this happened in the 6th inning: A pitcher comes in with the bases loaded, two out, and his team is trailing 6-4. He picks the runner off of first base before he throws a pitch. In the bottom of the 6th the pitcher is pinch hit for and his team scores 4 runs to put his team ahead 8-6. The game ends with a score of 8-7. The pitcher would be credited with the win in this case because, as before, he was the pitcher of record when the go-ahead runs scored. I cannot recall this ever happening but, by rule, a pitcher can be credited with a win without throwing a single pitch.

In fast pitch softball how long can a pitcher pitch?

4 innings.

Can a manager substitute a pitcher after he has thrown a pitch to a batter?

Yes, if the batter was retired with that 1 pitch or got on base or was hit by the pitch. In other words if that batter is no longer up or if this was not the 1st batter the pitcher has faced and the pitcher threw a strike or a ball then the manager could take him out or if the pitcher suffered an injury with that one pitch. If the pitcher comes into a game and throws only one pitch and the batter is still up and there is no injury to the pitcher, then the pitcher must pitch to the batter till he is retired or reaches base on a hit, walk, error, fielders choice, etc.

Who holds the MLB record for being hit by a pitch the most times in a single season?

The single season HBP record is held by Hughie Jennings of the Baltimore Orioles who was hit 51 times in the 1896 season.

Does the pitcher have to have his pivot foot in contact with the pitcher's plate to legally pitch?