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Q: Who holds or is tied for the career lead in the All-Star game at-bats runs hits triples and steals Willie Mays Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio?
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How does a Statistician use math?

to find the stats of a certain thing for example: when you want to find a baseball hitters avg. you divde his hits by his atbats

Has any team hit for the cycle in consecutive atbats?

Yes. Tip O'Neill in 1887, Babe Herman in 1931, and John Reilly in 1883.

How many AtBats ever?

Pete Rose has the all-time Major League Baseball (MLB) record for most at-bats (AB) with 14,053 at-bats in his 24-year MLB career - 1689 more than Henry "Hank" Aaron, who is #2 on the all-time career at-bats list.The active MLB player with the most career at-bats is Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees with 10,025 career at-bats.

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