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Emmitt Smith with 18,355 career yards.

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Q: Who hold the NFL record for most total rushing yards?
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Who holds the record for the most rushing yards in college?

Ron Dayne currently hold the record for the most rushing yards in college

Who has the most rushing yards as a quarter back in the NFL?

In a career, Randall Cunningham holds the record for rushing yards by a Quarterback with 4928. Michael Vick does hold the single season record with 1039 yards.

How many records does Adrian Peterson hold?

He has the single game rushing record in the NFL with 296 yards.

Who hold rushing yards in a season?

Herschel Walker

Who hold the most rushing yards in a season on Mississippi?

noah ingram

Who hold the NCAA career record for rushing touchdowns?


What place does Pat White hold in QB rushing yards?

3,936 (October 4, 2008)

Who hold the college quarterback rushing record?

WVU's Patrick "Pat" White 4,480

What National Football Career record does Emmitt Smith hold?

Emmit Smith holds the following official NFL Records: * Most Russing Attempts (Career) - 4,409 * Most Yards Gained (Career) - 18,355 * Most Seasons w/1,000 yards or more Rushing - 11 * Most Consecutive Seasons w/1,000 yards or more Rushing - 11 * Most Games 100 yds or more Rushing (Career) - 78 * Most Rushing TD's (Career) - 164

Who broke Tony Dorsett' s record for NCAA Division 1 Rushing record?

UT's Ricky Williams broke the record (although he does not hold the current record).

Who holds the NFL record for most carries in a game without gaining 100 yards?

Jamie Morris of the Washington Redskins with 38 carries for 88 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 12, 1989. Morris also hold the NFL record for rushing attempts in a game, 45 for 152 yards against the Cincinnati Bengals on December 17, 1988.

Who hold record for most passing yards all time in the NFL?

Payton manning

The most rushing touchdowns by a team?

The 1962 Green Bay Packers hold the record for the most rushing touchdowns in a single season. The Pack managed to rush for 36 touchdowns that year.

Who hold the record for most rushing attempts in one NFL game?

Jamie Morris, 45 on December 17, 1988.

What NFL record do the panthers hold?

the panthers hold a quaterback record Cam Newton is a rookie quaterback who plays for the panthers Cam Newton broke the most quaterback rushing touchdowns He has 13 The old record was 12. From A.K.A/ missouri

Does the 1959 Syracuse university football team hold any ncaa records?

least yards given up rushing per game ..19.7

Who hold the oympic record for the 100mile freestyle?

100 miles isn't an event, but 100 meters or yards is.

Who holds the record for the most passing in a thanksgiving day game?

Former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman hold the record for most passing yards in a Thanksgiving Day game with 455 yards.

Who hold the NCAA Div 1 single season rushing record?

AnswerBarry Sanders, Oklahoma State. He rushed for 2628 yds in 1988Kevin Smith, Central Florida, 2007, 2,567Marcus Allen, USC, 1981, 2,427Visit for a list of all rb's with over 1,500 yards in a season.AnswerBarry Sanders w/ 2600+ yards in 1988

Who hold the record for receiving yards in a single postseason?

Larry Fitzgerald does. He recently broke Jerry Rice's record of 409 by recording 419 in the same amount of games.

Does Dan Marino still hold the single season passing yards record?

No. The record was beaten by Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints on December 26th, 2011.

Who hold total yardage record for division 2 football?

You need to be more specific. Total yardage in a single game? Total yardage in a season? Total yardage in a college career? And is it rushing yardage, passing yardage, kickoff yardage, puntyardage, kickoff-return yardage, punt-return yardage, total return yardage, or total yardage. If it's passing yardage, do you mean as a receiver or as a passer?Of course, I don't know the answer either way, and really, who cares? It's Division II. It could be a million yards, but whoever holds the record can't hold a candle to the average division I-A player. If they could, they would have played in Division I-A, or at least I-B.But if you want anyone to answer this question, you're going to have to be more precise in how you ask it.

Which football player hold record for most running touchdowns in one season?

Through the 2008 season, LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers holds the NFL record for most rushing touchdowns in one season with 28 in 2006.

What record does Jerry Rice hold?

Just a few of his many. (these are noticable)Most receiving touch downsMost touch downs in SuperbowlMost Receiving yards

Who has the redskins single season passing record?

As of the 2008 season, Jay Schroeder hold the team record for passing yards in a season with 4,109 in 1986. Sonny Jurgensen holds the team record for TD passes in a season with 31 in 1967.