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Luke Easter

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Q: Who hit the longest home run at Cleveland municipal stadium?
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Did anyone ever hit a home run to the bleachers at Cleveland Municipal Stadium?

No player ever hit a home run to the center field bleachers at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

Who hit the most home runs at Cleveland municipal stadium?

Andre Thornton 119

Who hit the longest home run hit at old Cleveland Stadium?


Who hit the last home run in Cleveland municipal stadium?

Albert Belle of the Indians in the 8th inning against the White Sox on October 2, 1993.

Who hit the longest home run out of busch stadium?

Albert Pujols hit the longest home run out of Busch stadium in 2011. The home run was 465 feet.

Where in the world is the Browns Stadium?

The Browns Stadium is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The stadium is also known as FirstEnergy Stadium and is home to the NFL Cleveland Browns.

What is the Cleveland Indians longest home winning streak?

Their longest home winning streak was 14 games

What is the capacity of the Cleveland Brown's stadium?

"Cleveland Brown's stadium is located in Cleveland, Ohio and has a seating capacity of over 73,200 people. It has been the Cleveland Brown team's home field for 49 years."

How many home runs did Mickey Mantle hit in Cleveland?

Mickey Mantle hit 36 home runs in Cleveland Stadium.

What baseball stadium has the longest distance from home plate to the fence?


What was the Cleveland Cavaliers longest home winning streak?

I believe there longest winning streak was 13 wins

What stadium has the longest home run hitting streak?

Cincinnati Reds 57

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Who hit the longest home run hit at old Cleveland Stadium?

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