Who here likes Toronto Maple Leafs?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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I like Toronto Maple Leafs because they are doing a great job this season and they are awesome

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Q: Who here likes Toronto Maple Leafs?
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What is the name of the song in the new Duck Commander commercial and who sings it?

the songs called Party on the weekday... if you google it, it comes up in a video for a toronto maple leafs montage. i cant find who sings it.. only thing that comes up is that it is part of Toronto Maple Leafs montage. Its driving me nuts.. tried to shazam it, cant find it.. if you figure it out, please post on here man...

Does Newfoundland have a hockey team?

Yes. Its the St. Johns Fog Devils and they are part of the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) This however, is their last season. They'll be moving to Quebec after the 2007-08 season. Up until 2005-06 [i think] The Toronto Maple Leafs farm team in the AHL, the St. Johns Maple Leafs, was here. But they moved to Toronto and became the Toronto Marlies.

Who was Toronto maple leafs first round pick in 2000?

BRAD BOYES!!!!!!!!!!! we could have had BRAD BOYES!!! but Ferguson is an idiot and decides to do some things that have now spiruled the leafs down the drain example: the brian leetch trade we gave up a 2004 first round pick for a guy who was past his prime and barely played for us we could have had Woltek WOLSKI!! a new star for the coyotes or MIKE GREEN!!! the Mike Green on the Washington capitals no one else! But ya, it was Brad Boyes. The Leafs today is all Furgoson's fault! Lets hope Burke does the right thing! Here is the funny thing:1. we made the playoffs 1 time with furguson and went no where. 2. furguson was born the same year as the maple leafs last Stanley cup win.

What is the most valuable sports team of 2010?

In money, here it is: Hockey- Toronto Maple Leafs Basketball- New York Knicks Baseball- New York Yankees Football- Washington Redskins In the way they play, this is the way it goes: Hockey- Chicago Blackhawks Basketball- Los Angeles Lakers Baseball- San Francisco Giants Football- New Orleans Saints

Who was the First goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The first goalie of the Ducks was Guy Hebert. Although an American from Troy, New York, here in Canada we always used the French pronunciation for his name. I remember reading somewhere that Guy himself preferred the French pronunciation .

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Type your answer here... Maple syrup

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Toronto Star Globe Mail (add here) (add here)

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Chromoplasts are the organelle inside leafs that retain and release pigments. This is what makes leafs turn from green in the summer to orange in the Fall. Sam was here

How many Canadian players are on all Canadian hockey teams?

Here are the current roster totals:Vancouver Canucks: 13Edmonton Oilers: 16Calgary Flames: 16Toronto Maple Leafs: 16Ottawa Senators: 8Montreal Canadiens: 13

How do you use the leafs in lost in the blue 2?

leafs is very useful when you want to build the tree house. you need many leaves here. so, start collecting :)

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Don't think he ever lived here but his mother lives in toronto and he spends alot of time here

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