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Menotti gave Maradona his big break in football.

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Q: Who help to Diego maradona for play soccer?
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What soccer team did Diego maradona play for during 1984-1991?


What inspired Messy to play soccer?

Like all argentinan boys it had to be Diego Maradona.

What position did Diego Maradona play?

Great Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona played midfield.

What country did Diego maradona play for?


When did Diego maradona play for Argentina?


What team did Diego maradona play for during 1984-1991?

Diego Maradona played for Boco Junior Barcelona and Napoli.

How many world cup games did Diego maradona play in his career?

Diego Maradona played in the 1986, 1990 and 1994 world cups.

Diego maradona play for during 1984-1991?


How many professional games did Diego Maradona play in?

589 games.

What club did Diego maradona play for first?

It was a club called Little Onions.

Why did Lionel messi become interested in football?

He started playing football with Barcelona feeders team

What is Diego Maradona's current job today?

diego maradona has just started his new job as part time teacher at bonaly primary school in edinburgh teaching children how to play football and has also ambitiosley tried out becoming an international porn star working for brazerz.