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Which team has won more super bowls in the modern era

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Q: Who have won more Super Bowls on the modern era?
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Who was the first NFL team to win back-to-back championships?

In the "modern" era - The Green Bay Packers, winners of Super Bowls I and II.

Before Super Bowls were called Super Bowls how many did the Pittsburgh Steelers win?

Prior to the 'Super Bowl Era', the Steelers won zero championships.

How many super bowls have Indianapolis been in?

During the Indianapolis era, 1, and during the Baltimore era, 1.

In what year did Super Bowls begin?

The first Super Bowl champion was the Green Bay Packers in 1966. They also won the last Championship game prior to the Super Bowl era in addition to wining the first two Super Bowls.

What years did Miami win back to back super bowls?

The Miami Dolphins won Super Bowl VII in 1973 and Super Bowl VIII in 1974 to become only the second team to win back-to-back titles in the Super Bowl era. The Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowls in 1967 and 1968.

What is the giants record in the NFL championship games?

6-12 ... 3-1 in Super Bowls and 3-11 in NFL championship games prior to the Super Bowl era.

How is the modern era different from the Middle Ages?

The modern era has seen more globalization than the Middle Ages.

How is modern era different from middle age era?

The modern era has seen more globalization than the Middle Ages.

What NFL team is second in Super Bowl wins?

In the Super Bowl era, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers are tied for the second-highest number of wins with five apiece. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won six Super Bowls.

Who is the QB of all times?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana have each won 4 Super Bowls. Bart Starr won the first two Super Bowls, and won 3 NFL Championships in the pre-Super Bowl era. Steve Young holds the highest career rating with 96.8. Peyton Manning holds the single-season rating with 121.4 (2004)

HoW many super bowls has Jerry Jones won as the cowboys owner?

The Dallas Cowboys won three National Football League championships in four seasons during the Jerry Jones era in the early 1990s (Super Bowl XXVII, Super Bowl XXVIII and Super Bowl XXX).

How many NFL championships do the Green Bay Packers have?

Green Bay has 12 Legue Championships. More than any other team in the NFL including nine List_of_Super_Bowl_championsprior to the Super_Bowlera and three Super Bowl victories in 1967 (Super_Bowl_I), 1968 (Super_Bowl_II) and 1996 (Super_Bowl_XXXI)