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Tony Romo and Drew Bledsoe are the two QBs' that have thrown touchdowns.

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Q: Who have thrown touchdowns to terrell Owens?
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How many career touchdown catches does Terrell Owens have?

Terrell Owens has 141 touchdowns (139 receiving)

How many touchdowns has terrell Owens caught in his career?

139 Touchdowns receiving

How many touchdows does terrell Owens have in 09?

As of right now Terrell Owens has 5 touchdowns this season, 4 receiving and 1 rushing.

How many touchdowns did Terrell Owens score in the 2006 season?


What is the birth name of Terrell Owens?

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Who is better miles Austin or terrell Owens?

terrell Owens

What is terrell Owens nickname?

Terrell Owens nickname is T.O.

Who had the most scored touchdowns for the cowboys in the 06' season?

Marion Barber led the 2006 Cowboys in TDs with 16. Terrell Owens was second with 13.

Who is terrell Owens dad?

Terrell Owens dad's name is L.C. Russell

Who is terrell Owens's dad?

Terrell Owens dad's name is L.C. Russell

What is Terrell Owens's birthday?

Terrell Owens was born on December 7, 1973.