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There has been more English captains that have won the European cup than Scottish

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It must be Sir bobby Charlton.

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kenny dalglish

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charlton, styles and sherringham

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Q: Who have captained the most European cup winning teams scotsmen or englishmen?
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Who captained the 2006 commonwealth games gold winning sliver ferns?

Adine Wilson captained the Silver Ferns to the gold medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Who was the Captain of the winning team of the 1975 World Cup?

Clive Llyod captained the winning west indies in the world cup 1975

Who captained the world cup winning team of India?

Kapil Deb with the Captain of the first ODI world cup winning team of India,followed by M.S. Dhoni in the second winning. Dhoni was also the Captain of the T-20 World Cup winning team of India ever.

Who was the last player who captained an fa cup winning side but was never caped internationally?

It well be the English deffender Sol Cambell of Porthsmouth.

He made his Test debut against the West Indies in 1989 and captained Australia in 50 Tests winning 26 and losing 13 of them Who is he?

That would be Mark Taylor.

How much matches has inzimam ul haq played as a captain?

Inzamam captained Pakistan in thirty Tests, winning eleven, drawing nine and losing ten.

Did the Lisbon Lions ever get beat after winning the European cup?


Who were the last 3 Englishmen to manage an FA Cup winning team?

2008: Harry Redknapp (Portsmouth) 1995: Joe Royle (Everton) 1991: Terry Venables (Tottenham)

Who has been capped for England in more than one sport?

Reginald Erskine Foster (Tip foster) is the only player who had captained England in both test cricket and international football. He captained England in test cricket in 3 matches, all against South Africa in the 1907 test series, winning one and drawing the other two. he captained England in football in one match only, his last one against Wales, which ended in a 0-0 draw.

When was Matt Busby knighted?

In 1968 after winning the European Cup with Manchester United.

Who was man of the match in 1968 European cup winning team?

George Best

Did the Battle of Antietam fail southern hopes for winning European allies?

The Battle of Antietam had no effect on Southern hopes for winning European allies. As part of the aftermath of the aftermath of that battle, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. That Proclamation ended any possibility of the South gaining European allies.