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Rick Slager started most of the 1975 season. Joe Montana played 3 games and didn't do so great. 1976: Rick Slager, Rusty Lisch

1977: Rusty Lisch started 2 games and went 1-1. He got hurt and then Frank Allocco came in to replace him. It was only when Frank got hurt that Devine put in Joe Montana. Montana went 10-0 that year and Notre Dame (11-1) won the national title.

1978: Montana

1979: Rusty Lisch. He was an OK QB, but when he got hurt, Tim Koegel and Mike Courey (RIP) started one game apiece.

1980: Courey went 3-0, but Dan Devine inexplicably replaced him with Blair Kiel, who started the other nine games.

1981: Kiel, Koegel

1982: Kiel started nine games. Ken Karcher and Jim O'Hara the other two.

1983: Kiel, Steve Buerlein

1984: Buerlein, Scott Grooms

1985: Buerlein and Terry Andrysiak. They were both mediocre.

1986: Same as '85.

1987: Andrysiak was better (Have you seen that Tim Brown catch?) but he got hurt. Tony Rice, one of the most dynamic Notre Dame QB's ever, started six, and Kent Graham started one.

1988: Tony Rice started all 12 games. They went 12-0 and won the national championship.

1989: Rice again. Great again.

1990: Rick Mirer. Very good, but no Rice.

1991: Mirer for 12 games. Paul Failla for one.

1992: Mirer. He led them to the Orange Bowl, where they were screwed over on Rocket's TD return.

1993: Failla played one, but Kevin McDougal played the other 12. Notre Dame somehow didn't win the national title that year, despite having beaten the national champ Florida State Seminoles, and finishing with an identical 11-1 record.

1994: Ron Powlus. Huge disappointment.

1995: Powlus, Tom Krug

1996: Powlus

1997: Powlus

1998: Jarious Jackson for 11. Eric Chappell for one.

1999: Jarious Jackson

2000: Future WR Arnaz Battle (2), Gary Godsey (2), Matt LoVecchio, who looked great going 7-1.

2001: LoVecchio, Carlyle Holliday

2002: Holliday. Hurt his arm (?) vs. Michigan State. Pat Dillingham came in, won that game, and started two others.

2003: Holliday, Brady Quinn. Quinn said "I feel like I'm not being coached." He went 4-5.

2004: Quinn, mediocre yet again.

2005: Quinn, who set records.

2006: Quinn

2007: Demetrius Jones for one abysmal game. Jimmy Clausen, who was injured all season long, played nine. Evan Sharpley--who was probably the best QB on the team--played two. They all got sacked about sixty times per game.

2008: I guess Clausen.

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1) Steve Beuerlein - backup for the Dallas Cowboys who won Super Bowl XXVII.

2) Terry Hanratty - backup for the Pittsburgh Steelers who won Super Bowls IX and X.

3) Joe Montana - starter for the San Francisco 49ers who won Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV.

4) Joe Theismann - starter for the Washington Redskins who won Super Bowl XVII.

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Q: Who have been the starting QBs at Notre Dame since 1975?
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