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Q: Who have been Silvia Browns husbands?
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Who is vivian browns husbands name?

bryan s norcross, the weather ch. hurricane specialist

How many husbands has lita had?

to me i think 4 Amy Dumas (Lita) has not been married. So she has had no husbands.

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The Browns have been in 36 playoff games.

Did the Cleveland Browns appear in Super Bowl?

The Cleveland Browns have never been in a Super Bowl.

Have the Cleveland Browns ever been to Super Bowl or won any?

As of August 2014, the Cleveland Browns have never been to the Super Bowl.

What years were the Cleveland Browns undefeated when they were the Baltimore Ravens?

The Browns were never undefeated and they were never the Baltimore Ravens. They have been the Cleveland Browns since 1946.

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The Cleveland Browns have not won a Super Bowl or even been to a Super Bowl. Have not even been the AFC champions.

How many times have the Browns been in the super bowl?

The Cleveland Browns have never appeared in a Super Bowl.

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