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Joe Namath

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2008-11-26 01:20:04
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Q: Who has worn number twelve at the University of Alabama football?
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Who wears jersey number twelve at the University of Alabama football?


What has the author Kenneth Gaddy written?

Kenneth Gaddy has written: 'Twelve and counting' -- subject(s): Alabama Crimson Tide (Football team), Football, History, University of Alabama

From 1900 to 2008 which team has the most national championships total in college football?

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide have the most national championships in football with twelve.

How many national championships has Alabama won in football?

Alabama has won twelve times as many national championships in football than Auburn.

What is older college football or pro football?

College football started in 1869 when Rutgers University played Princeton University. Pro football was started in 1920 with twelve teams

What Alabama player was number twelve?

Tim garrity.he was a wide recicver.

What are the twelve SEC football teams?

University of Alabama - Crimson Tide Auburn University - Tigers University of Florida - Gators University of Tennessee - Volunteers Vanderbilt University Louisiana State University - Tigers University of Arkansas - Razorbacks University of South Carolina - Gamecocks University of Kentucky - Wildcats University of Mississippi - Old Miss Rebels Mississippi State University - Bulldogs University of Georgia - Bulldogs

What is number twelve?

12, twelve, it's a number!

How good is the Utah Utes performing compared with other teams?

The Utah Utes are the sports teams from the University of Utah. The university fields a number of sports teams, some of which are better than others. The biggest sport is football for which the Utes were eighth out of twelve in their conference with a record of five wins and seven losses.

How do you spell the number twelve?

The number 12 is "twelve" and the number 12th is "twelfth."

What conference is the university of Kansas in?

The university of Kansas is in the Big twelve conference

How many girls on a girls football team?

About twelve

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