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Here is a list of Dallas Cowboys players who have worn No. 88 since 1960:
1. Sonny Davis, linebacker (1961)
2. Colin Ridgway, punter-placekicker (1965)
3. Sonny Randle, wide receiver (1968)
4. Reggie Rucker, wide receiver (1970-71)
5. Ron Sellers, wide receiver (1972)
6. Drew Pearson, wide receiver (1973-83)
7. Michael Irvin, wide receiver (1988-99)
8. Jackie Harris, tight end (2000-01)
9. Antonio Bryant, wide receiver (2002-04)
10. Brett Pierce, tight end (2004-05)
11. Dez Bryant, wide receiver (2010-present)

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The most famous was Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin.

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david dickinson

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Jillian Peterson

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CeeDee Lamb

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Q: Who has worn number 88 in football history?
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