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Terell Owens

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Q: Who has worn number 81 for the Oakland Raiders?
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What is Mychal Rivera's number on the Oakland Raiders?

Mychal Rivera is number 81 on the Oakland Raiders.

Who wears number 81 on the Oakland Raiders?

Currently, wide receiver Chaz Schilens wears #81 on the Oakland Raiders.

Which players wore the number 81 for the Oakland Raiders?

Morrison, Owens and brown

How old is the owner of the Oakland Raiders?


Who wore number 72 on the Oakland Raiders?

The Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders have had three noteworthy players who have worn jersey number 72 -- defensive end John Matuszak (1976-81), Pro Bowl center Don Mosebar (1983-94) and All-Pro offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy (1996-2003).

What Super Bowls did Oakland Raiders win?

11 (77) 15 (81) 18 (84)

What is Randy Moss' uniform number?

81 (an inversion of his previous number of 18 which he wore in both Minnesota and Oakland) The numbers that Randy Moss has worn since High school. Dupont High, #3 Florida State, #18 Marshall University, #88 Vikings, #18, 84 Oakland, #18 New England, #18*, 81 *number 18 jersey on the patriots team was only worn in practice but never worn in a real game. said #81

Did randy moss play as number eighteen for the patriots?

No he did for the Raiders but now he is number 81

What was Randy Moss' number in Oakland?

Actually in Oakland he wore number 18. 81 is what he is wearing now with the Patriots of New England.

Who wore number 81 for the Arizona Cardinals in 1997?

#81 is currently worn by Anquan Boldin

Who has worn jersey number 81 for the Bears?

Doug Atkins

Who is 81 on the raiders football team?

Chaz Schilens

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