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Roy Roundtree and JT Floyd are both players of the Michigan Wolverines that have worn the jersey #12. Ricky Powers has also worn the #12 jersey, but did not wear it throughout his whole career.

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2014-11-20 06:33:19
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Q: Who has worn number 12 for the Michigan Wolverines?
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The most coveted jersey number in Michigan football lure, the #1 has been worn by a total of 12 players during the 130-year history of the program. Three-time All-American Anthony Carter made the number popular when he wore the jersey during his player career (1979-82), and the #1 sweater has been given to a wide receiver five times since Carter adorned the number. Angus G. GoetzLT1919-20Robert Jerome DunneG1921Paul G. GoebelE1922Harry KipkeHB1923Dave WhitefordDB1973-75Gregg WillnerPK/P1976-78Anthony CarterWR1979-82Greg McMurtryWR1986-89Derrick AlexanderWR1990-93Tyrone ButterfieldWR1994-96David TerrellWR1998-2000Braylon EdwardsWR2003-04

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