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Q: Who has worn number 11 for the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers?
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Who has worn the philadelphia flyers number 12?

Simon Gange

What catchers have worn the number 10 for the Philadelphia Phillies?

Darren Daulton

What Philadelphia PA eagles players worn number 69?


Who has worn Philadelphia flyers number 87?

Chris Brown was the last Philadelphia Flyer to wear number 7.

What players for the philadelphia eagles have worn 84?

No one wore number 84 for the 1985 Philadelphia Eagles.

Who wore number 23 for the philadelphia 76ers?

Currently it is being worn by catcher Paul Bako.

What famous players have worn the number 45?

There are some famous numbers in the history of football. Some are known for the number, others are known for the players who have worn them. The number 45 has been worn by Bob Gibson among others.

Who has worn number 20 on the Atlanta Braves?

Who has worn number 20 for the Braves

Who wore number 32 for the Philadelphia Phillies?

Probably the most famous player to wear that number for the Phillies was Hall of Famer Steve Carlton, a 300-game winner who pitched for Philadelphia from 1972 to 1986. The Phillies retired No. 32 in honor of Carlton in 1989.

What soccer players have worn the number 1?

This number is usually worn by goalkeepers such as Angelo Peruzzi.

What famous players have worn number 84?

The number 84 is not a particularly common shirt number. No player who is particularly famous has ever worn it.

What is the highest number worn by a San Jose Shark?

Currently, the highest number worn by a Shark is 78 (Benn Ferriero). The highest number worn by a Shark in franchise history is 94 (Alexander Korolyuk).