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Chuck Howley and Randy White.

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Q: Who has worn jersey number 54 for the Dallas Cowboys?
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Who has worn number 27 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Ron Fellows.

Who has worn number 73 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Michael irvin

What number did Jason Witten have before number 82 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Jason Witten has always worn the No. 82 as a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys kicker number 59?

No. 59 has only been worn by Dallas Cowboys linebackers, never by a kicker.

When do the Dallas Cowboys wear their throwback jersey?

Traditionally, it's worn for the annual Thanksgiving Day game.

Who has worn 20 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Mel Renfro

Who has worn 74 for the Dallas Cowboys?

bob lillys

What are the three colors the Dallas Cowboys wear?

The home jersey is white; the jersey worn sometimes on the road is royal blue.

Who was number 82 for the Dallas Cowboys in 2005?

Alvin Harper wore number 80 for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1992 and 1993 seasons.

Which Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys player has worn number 74?

Hall of Fame defensive tackle Bob Lilly wore #74 from 1961 to 1974 for the Cowboys.

Who has worn number 43 for the Dallas cowboys?

Among the Dallas Cowboys players who have worn No. 31 are Benny Barnes (1972-1982), Brock Marion (1993-1997), Roy L. Williams (2002-2007) and Chauncey Washington (2009). Cowboys players who have worn No. 51 include Anthony Dickerson (1980-1984), Ken Norton Jr. (1988-1993) and Keith Brooking (2009-present).

When did the dallas cowboys have the hats with letter d on them?

The Cowboys' coaching staff pretty much has always worn baseball caps with a 'D' on them.