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bob lillys

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Q: Who has worn 74 for the Dallas Cowboys?
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Which Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys player has worn number 74?

Hall of Fame defensive tackle Bob Lilly wore #74 from 1961 to 1974 for the Cowboys.

Who has worn 20 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Mel Renfro

Who was the Dallas Cowboys kicker number 59?

No. 59 has only been worn by Dallas Cowboys linebackers, never by a kicker.

What Dallas Cowboys uniform number has only been worn by one active player in the history of the team?

No one has worn No. 74 in the regular season since the retirement of Bob Lilly -- "Mr. Cowboy" -- in 1974.

Who has worn number 27 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Ron Fellows.

Who has worn number 73 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Michael irvin

What number did Jason Witten have before number 82 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Jason Witten has always worn the No. 82 as a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

What number was bob Lilly on the Dallas Cowboys?

Bob Lilly wore # 74.

Who is number 31 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Currently, no Dallas Cowboys player wears the #33. I think it unlikely that any one would try to wear 33, as it belonged to Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett. While the Cowboys do not retire numbers, I don't think you will see a 12,8,33, or 74. 88 lingers on, however.

Who has worn jersey number 54 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Chuck Howley and Randy White.

How old is former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson?

The former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins head coach turned 74 years old on August 19, 2017.

When did the dallas cowboys have the hats with letter d on them?

The Cowboys' coaching staff pretty much has always worn baseball caps with a 'D' on them.