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Q: Who has worn 24 Iowa hawkeyes basketball jersey?
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Who wore number 12 Iowa hawkeyes football jersey?

Currently it's worn by QB Ricky Stanzi

Who wears jersey 57 in basketball?

Jersey number 57 has never been worn in NBA game play.

What are the most popular jersey numbers worn in college basketball?

21, 1 and 23

Who has worn jersey number 9 for the gonzaga bulldogs basketball team?

There is no record that any player has ever worn the number 9 jersey for the Gonzaga Bulldogs menÕs basketball team. Another notable jersey number, the number 12, was retired after worn by John Stockton from 1980 until he was drafted in the NBA in 1984.

Which famous basketball players have worn jersey number 23?

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What UNC men's basketball players have worn jersey number 25?

Justin Knox wore it for the 2010-2011 season.

Which basketball players have worn jersey number 9?

usually basketball players use number 0-5 so that refs can signal their number when calling fouls..

True or False Laker jersey numbers 11 22 33 44 and 99 have been worn by Basketball Hall of Famers?


What is a good basketball jersey number Need a?

23 was worn by Michael Jordan and is currently worn by Lebron James, although he is going to change his number to 6 next season. Six was worn by Julius Erving as well. Kobe Bryant worn 8, but changed it to 24.

Worth of a 1990 darryl strawberry jersey?

1990 Strawberry Game-Worn, Signed Jersey- $1,667 1990 Strawberry Game-Worn Jersey- $642

Who is number 43 in basketball?

At least one player to have worn jersey #43 is Grant Long, who played college basketball at Eastern Michigan and had a productive career with the Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, and Detroit Pistons.

Which famous athletes have worn jersey number 13?

Ralph Blanca- Baseball Wilt Chamberlain- Basketball Dan Marino- Football Mats Sundin- Hockey

Does Nike make the shoes worn by professional basketball players?

Yes, Nike makes the shoes worn by some basketball players.

Which famous American football players have worn the jersey number 45?

American football players have worn the jersey number 45?

Who wore University of Kansas Jayhawks Mens Basketball Jersey No5?

Depends on the year: Charlie Hoag, Guy Mabry,and Terry Nooner have all worn that number

What color is the cowboys jersey?

The home jersey is white; the jersey worn sometimes on the road is royal blue.

What is a Jersey named after?

A Jersey sweater is named after the traditional sweaters worn by fishermen on the island of Jersey. Similarly a Guernsey sweater is so called after the sweaters worn by Guernsey fishermen. A Jersey cow (sometimes referred to as a 'Jersey' is named after the breed which originated on the island of Jersey.

Which duke men's basketball players have worn jersey number 30?

Jon scheyer, reggie love, alaa abdelnaby, dahntay Jones......just a few recent ones

Ray bourque game worn jersey value?

ray bourque jersey value

Who has worn 25 for Kentucky Basketball?

Twenty-one players have worn the #25 jersey for the Kentucky men's basketball team:Leroy EdwardsRussell EllingtonChester DuffJim LinePete GrigsbyTerry MobleyTom PorterLarry SteeleWendell LyonsDavid MillerJay ShidlerWinston BennettLeRon EllisSkip McGawJody ThompsonAminu TimberlakeAnthony EppsMyron AnthonyAdam WilliamsMorakinyo WilliamsDonald WilliamsMarquis Teague

What do you do with a basketball when it is worn out?

You can make something out of it or just throw it out.

Which Bears players have worn the number 69 on their jersey?


What famous players have worn the 79 jersey?


Who has worn jersey number 33?

Eric Smith

What common clothes worn in New Jersey?