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the browns

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Q: Who has won the super bowl and the pro bowl the same year as AFC or NFC?
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Can the Oakland Raiders play the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Super Bowl game?

No. The Raiders and Steelers are in the same conference. (AFC). In the Super Bowl it's the AFC vs. the NFC.

Who is the coach of the AFC team that is playing in the Super Bowl this year?

For the Super Bowl on February 3, 2008, Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots is the AFC Championship Coach.

Can an AFC team play an AFC team in the Super Bowl?

no the super bowl must be an AFC team against an NFC team

Is the Super Bowl one AFC and one NFC?

Yes - The Super Bowl is ALWAYS - the top AFC team that makes it through the playoffs without a defeat and the top NFC team that does the same!!! It is the last game of the year (in 2010) and is always between an AFC team and an NFC team - as these were once completely different leagues!!!!

What year did the Patriots and Oakland play in the Super Bowl?

They cannot play in the Superbowl because they are in the same conference (AFC) - they have played three times in the AFC playoffs with the Patriots winning twice.

Who won 4 AFC super bowl titles?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won 6 Super Bowl Titles for the AFC.

What year did the patriots play the dolphins in the Super Bowl?

They cannot play in the Superbowl as they play in the same conference - the AFC - and in the same division - the AFC East. They have played three times in the playoffs and the Patriots have won two of those three meetings.

Who has won the most Super Bowls the NFC or AFC?

The NFC. Since Super Bowl XLII the NFC has 20 Super Bowl wins and the AFC has 18.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers go to the Super Bowl with the Miami Dolphins?

No. That cannot happen due to the fact that the Steelers and Dolphins both play in the same conference. They are both AFC teams and in the Super Bowl the AFC must play the NFC.

When did the AFC and NFC start playing in the super bowl?

After the NFL/AFL merger in 1970. The first Super Bowl between NFC and AFC teams was Super Bowl V in January 1971.

Most Super Bowl wins AFC or NFC?


First AFC head coach to win a Super Bowl?

Prior to the NFL/AFL merger, the first AFL (AFC) coach to win a Super Bowl was Weeb Ewbank, New York Jets in Super Bowl III. Post merger (1970 season and after), the first AFC coach to win a Super Bowl was Don McCafferty of the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V. Interestingly enough, The Colts had moved from the NFC to the AFC and the Cowboys from the AFC to the NFC in the AFL/NFL merger.

Is the AFC or NFC going to be hometeam for Super Bowl 2010?


What year did the colts beat the patriots in a Super Bowl?

never that is impossible because the colts and patriots are both in the AFC. the superbowl is AFC vs. NFC.

Can the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers play in the Super Bowl?

No, they both play in the same conference. The AFC winner goes on to face the NFC winner in the Super Bowl.

Who is home team in super bowl 45?

The NFC and AFC alternate every year for home team. This year it will be the NFC.

How did the colts and jets play each other in the thrid super bowl if they are in the same division?

Super Bowl III was the first Super Bowl to actually be called a "Super Bowl." Things were a bit different then than they are now. Back then, the Colts were the Baltimore Colts, a team in the "NFL" (now the NFC) while the Jets were in the AFL (now the AFC) as they are to this day. The year after this game was played, the colts, the browns and the steelers became part of the newly formed AFC as part of the 1970 merger. This made them the only team in NFL history to play a former super bowl opponent as a divisional opponent.

Can two AFC teams be in the super bowl?

NO. Always AFC v. NFC

What year did the ny jets play the Denver Broncos in the super bowl?

Never, Both teams are in the afc!

Can one nfl conference send two teams to the Super Bowl?

No. The Super Bowl is designed to pit the champion of the AFC conference against the champion of the NFC conference. Two teams from the same conference cannot play in the Super Bowl.

How many AFC teams have not gone to or won a Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, 3 AFC teams have not played in the Super Bowl and 7 AFC teams have not won a Super Bowl. Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Cleveland Browns have not played in a Super Bowl. Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Tennessee Titans have not won a Super Bowl.

What year did the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers face each other in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers and the Patriots have both played each other in the AFC Championship game, but they cannot face each other in the Super Bowl being that they both play in the AFC.

Did the Patriots win the Super Bowl in 2005?

No, the Patriots lost to Denver in the second round of the AFC playoffs that year.

What year did the AFC break the NFC 13 straight Super Bowl winning streak?

That would be Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII 31-24 against Green Bay in 1998.

Did the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers play each other in the Super Bowl?

Being from the same conference, the Steelers and Ravens cannot play each other in the Super Bowl. They did meet in the AFC championship game to decide the Super Bowl XLIII representative.