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There have been 6 world cups to date:

South Africa - won 2

Australia - won 2

England - won 1

New Zealand - won 1

Therefore there has been a tie between South Africa and Australia at 2 each.

we will have to wait and see in new zealand next year who will win the next world cup.

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Australia has won twice (1991, 1999) and France has not won a Rugby World Cup.

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The won in 1991 and 1999

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Q: Who has won the most rugby world cups - Australia or France?
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Where have the rugby world cups bean held?

Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, France, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

Which Australian rugby union player captained Australia in 2 rugby World Cups?

John Eales in 95 and 99?

Which country held the 1999 rugby world cup?

The country that held the 1999 rugby world cup, was France. Australia and South Africa today both boast the feat of winning 2 world cups each, New Zealand have only won once and England have only won once. However Australia played the experienced French outfit in the final and won by a staggering 35 - 12 margin definitely not what people expected. Spain also entered their first ever Rugby World Cup. the past world cups: 1987- New Zealand 1991- Australia 1995- South Africa 1999- France 2003- Australia 2007- France 2011- New Zealand

How much world cups have the Romania rugby team played in?

Romania participated at seven Rugby World Cups.

Where have the last 5 world cups been?

This years rugby world cup (2007) was held in France, the previous world cup (2003) was held in Australia, the 1999 world cup was hosted by Wales, the 1995 world cup was held in South Africa and the 1991 rugby world cup was hosted by England. (Additional Answer) The 1987 Rugby World Cup was joint hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

How did Canada fare in rugby world cups?

Canada improving in rugby

How many World Cups have France been in?

13 World Cups

How many world cups have Brazil rugby team won?


How many times has Australia won the Rugby Union World Cup?

Twice (2 times). In 1991, they beat England 12-6 in Twickenham, England. In 1999, the beat France 35-12 in Cardiff, Wales.

What players have won rugby union and league world cups?

If there is to be a player that has won as both a union and league player that has won a world cup - if there is a possibility it would be an Aussie in 1991 union an 1992 league world cups. or 1999 union, 2000 league. very slim in deed. Michael O'Connor possibly. i will do more research

Has Australia one any World Cups?

Australia have never won the FIFA World Cup.

In how many rugby world cups has New Zealand been a semi-finalist?