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The coach that has won the most games in NCAA division 1 Basketball is Pat Summit. Pat Summit is currently the head basketball coach for womens Tennessee Volunteers. She has a 1000+ wins and is currently a 5 seed in the womens march madness tournament.

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Q: Who has won the most game in NCAA Division one basketball?
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What is the NCAA record for most consecutive sellouts at a Division 1 college basketball game?


What team owns the most NCAA division 1 womens basketball titles?

The University of Tennessee's women's basketball team has the most Womens Division 1 NCAA National Titles.

What is the college with the most NCAA basketball titles?

With 11 national titles, UCLA holds the record for the most NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championships.

Who is the player who scored the most points in a NCAA Division One basketball tournament game?

Austin Carr 61 points in 1971

What NCAA men's division 1 basketball team has reached the NCAA tournament the most times?


Which NCAA Division 1 basketball team has scored the most points in a game?

Oklahoma 172 Points 1990 vs Lyola M.

What player has scored the most points in a NCAA basketball game?

Bevo Francis holds the record for most points scored in an NCAA basketball game with 113, set in 1954.

What NCAA Division One basketball team has the most tournament wins?


What team has won the most total basketball games in NCAA Division I?


Which NCAA division 1 men's basketball team has the most all-time NCAA tournament wins?

UCLA with 11.

What coach has the most wins in men's NCAA Division 1 basketball?

Bobby Knight

What Division 1 NCAA men's basketball coach has the most victories?

Bob Knight

What NCAA division 1 basketball team had most wins 1950-1969?


What are the most commonly used team mascots in division 1 NCAA basketball?


Who scored the most points in an ncaa mens basketball game?

jerry west had 62 in a wvu basketball game

Who holds the record for the most points scored in a Division One NCAA basketball tournament game?

61, Austin Carr, Notre Dame vs. Ohio, 1970

Who has the most dunks in a NCAA basketball game?

Jerry west

What mens team has won the most division 1 basketball NCAA tournament games?


Coach with Most ncaa division 1 national championships in basketball?

John Wooden - (10)

What school has won the most postseason NCAA Division 1 men's Basketball Championships?


Which NCAA Division 1 womans basketball team has the most all-time wins?


Which college basketball team has the most wins in NCAA Men's Division 1 history?

The University Of Kentucky Wildcats with 2,090 wins. They also have the most NCAA tournament wins with 111.

What NCAA coach has won the most basketball games?

What NCAA basketball coach Division 2 has won the most basketball games.

Can you take a camera into a ncaa tournament basketball game?

You can take a camers into an ncaa basketball game, but it is asked of you not ot use a flash. Also, if one can't get a camera into a game, most phones have a camera in them now.

Who was the Freshman ncaa mens basketball player with most points in championship game?