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Q: Who has won the most boxing world titles at different weights?
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Who was the first boxer to win 3 world titles at different weights?

Bob fitzsimmons

Which boxer has the most Boxing titles in boxing history?

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao with 7 world titles.

What boxer was first to hold 5 different world titles at different weights?

I think it was Roy jones jr

Who was the first boxer to win 5 world titles at different weights?

tommy hearns

Who has the most world boxing titles?

roy Jones jr.

What titles does kelly pavlik hold?

He holds the title for Middle Weight Boxing Champion of The World.

How many title fights was Muhammad Ali in?

Ali had 35 titles fights, 26 for world titles and 9 with the North American Boxing Federation between 1970-1974.

What is Oscar de la hoya best known for?

boxing: specifically winning a gold medal and world titles in 6 different weight classes, and twice beating an ageing julio Cesar chavez sr.

Boxers to win 5 world titles at different weights?

thomas hearns did it first and ray Leonard was the second. if you go to wikipedia and type in either of those two, you will get a link to all the multiple weight champions

What is Marco Antonio Barrera most famous for?

Marco Antonio Barrera is a professional boxer from Mexico. He has won many world titles in three different weight classes and is known in boxing circles as The Baby Faced Assassin.

Who was Tommy Burns?

In the boxing context Tommy Burns was a world heavyweight champion who was the first white boxer to agree to fight a black boxer for the world title. On Boxing Day 1908 he lost his title to Jack Johnson who became the first ever black heavyweight champion of the world. Johnson was not the first black champion as many books say. tHAT HONOUR GOES TO First Black man to win a world boxing title; held three world boxing titles: paperweight, bantamweight and featherweight; invented shadow boxing and the suspended punching bag; fought in the world's longest fight.

What boxing gyms are there in Rancho Cucamonga?

WARZONE BOXING CLUB, is a program that is a part of Warriors Combat Academy. This program is ran by professional fighters who not only Coach there but train for their own fights. 18 National Titles have been Won at this gym and two of the Coaches hold the WORLD BOXING COUNCIL TITLES (WBC). This gym and it's program is no joke. If you are looking for real training as a beginner or a pro fighter this is the place.

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