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The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, though they did win the Championship Game in 1960.

The Giants won the Super Bowl in 1991 (beat Bills) and 1987 (beat Broncos)

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Since the 1986 season, both the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants have won three Super Bowl championships.

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Q: Who has won the most Super Bowls - New York Giants or Philadelphia Eagles?
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How many super bowls have the Philadelphia eagles won?

the eagles are the best team out there

Which team in the NFL from the NFC East won the most Super Bowls?

The NFC East includes the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washing Redskins. The Cowboys have won 5 Super Bowls. The Giants and Redskins have won 3 each. The Eagles have not won a Super bowl yet.

When did Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl?

The Eagles have appeared in two Super Bowls, but have never won.

How many Super Bowls did the Philadelphia Eagles go to?


How many super bowls have philladelphia eagles won?

The Philadelphia Eagles Have not won a Super Bowl in Two Appearances.

How many times have the Philadelphia eagles won super bowl?

Through the 2008 season, none. The Eagles have played in two Super Bowls and lost both.SB XV - Raiders 27, Eagles 10SB XXXIX - Patriots 24, Eagles 21The Philadelphia Eagles appeared in 2 Super Bowls and lost both.0None.

What teams did Tom Brady beat in the super bowl?

There have been lots of games Tom Brady has played in, he has won most of them though because he is very good in the snow.

Did New York Giants play Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl?

No because they are both in the NFC

What Super Bowls did Jim Plunkett win?

XV against the Philadelphia Eagles and XVIII against the Washington Redskins.

How many Super Bowl appearances since 1961 for eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles have appeared in 2 Super Bowls but have lost them both.

Who did new England play in the three super bowls that they won?

St. Louis rams, Carolina panthers, and the Philadelphia eagles

What division has played in the most super bowls?

The NFC East Cowboys 8 Giants 4 Redskins 5 Eagles 2