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The Montreal Canadians

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Q: Who has won the most Stanley cup championships?
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Who won more Stanley cups Detroit or Pittsburgh?

Detroit has won 11 Stanley Cup Championships. Pittsburgh has only won the Cup three times.

Which hockey team has won the stankey cup most often?

The team that has won the most Stanley cups is the Montreal Canadiens. They have won 24 championships in their history.

How many NHL championships have the New York Rangers won?

The New York Rangers have won four Stanley Cup championships.

How many Stanley Cup championships have the New York Rangers won?


What is the most number of Stanley Cups won by a single player in a career?

Henri Richard won eleven (11) Stanley Cup championships playing as a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

How many championships have the Red Wings won?

As of 2012, the Detroit Red Wings have won 11 Stanley Cup championships. This is more than any other NHL franchise based in the United States. Their most recent championship win was the 2007-2008 Stanley Cup.

How many championships have the Detroit redwings won?

The Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup 11 times.

What NHL team has won the second most Stanley Cups?

The team with the second most Stanley Cups is the Detroit Red Wings, with 11,although they haven't won a championship since 2008 Detroit Red Wings - Second - 11 cup championships. Toronto Maple Leafs - Third - 11 cup championships.

How many Stanley cup has the Toronto maple won?

The franchise has won thirteen Stanley Cup championships, eleven as the Leafs, one as the Toronto St. Patricks, and one as the Toronto Arenas.

Have the Philadelphia Flyers won the Stanley Cup?

The Philadelphia Flyers have won two Stanley Cups. They won in the 1973-1974 and the 1974-1975 seasons. They have 8 conference championships.

How many Stanley Cup championships have the Tampa Bay Lightning won?

The Tampa Bay Lightning have won 1 Stanley Cup. They won it in the 2003-2004 NHL season defeating the Calgary Flames in 7 games.

The Penguins won the second of two back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships in what years?


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