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Gary Dempsey, he has a career total of 246 Brownlow votes with one Brownlow medal win.

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Q: Who has won the most Brownlow votes?
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Who has won the most Brownlow votes and not won?

Leigh Matthews has polled the most votes without winning a Brownlow Medal with 202 points, he finished third in 1973 and 1982.He was voted the 'AFL Player of the Century' and is a legend in the AFL Hall of Fame.

Who won the brownlow medal in 2010?

Chris Judd. He won his second Brownlow Medal this year (2010) with 30 votes. He won his first in 2004.

Who won the Brownlow medal in 1999?

Shane Crawford, Hawthorn with 28 votes.

Who has polled the most brownlow votes in afl history?

Gary Dempsey (Footscray, North Melbourne) 246 votes.

Who won the brownlow medal in 2007?

Jimmy Bartel won the 2007 AFL Brownlow Medal

Who won the brownlow medal in 2009?

Gary Abblet Junior won the Brownlow Medal and second was Chris Judd.Gary Ablett

Who won the Brownlow medal in 1996?

Michael Voss won the Brownlow medal in 1996 when he was 21 playing for the Brisbane Bears

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How many votes did Gelongs Jimmy Bartel get to win the Brownlow medal in 2007?


Who won the Bronlow medal in 2005?

Ben Cousins (West Coast) won the 2005 Brownlow Medal with 20 votes giving the Eagles their second consecutive medal after Chris Judd's win the year earlier.

How many brownlow medals has Essendon won?


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