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Australia 4 times (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007)and West indies 2 times, India, Pakistan and shrilanka once... Vicky jodhpur

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Q: Who has won the cricket worldcup most times?
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How many times srilanka reaches cricket worldcup final?

They reached for times. But won only once.

Who won the T20 worldcup for cricket?


Who won the first cricket worldcup?

West Indies in 1975

Who has won the cricket worldcup?

Sri Lanka

Who and when won the ninth ICC cricket world cup?

Australiya won the 9th worldcup in 2007

Which year did India win cricket worldcup?

india won in 1983 and 2011

Who won cricket worldcup in 1975?

west indies(both 1975 and 1979)

How many times has japan won the worldcup?


How many times had Portugal won football Worldcup?

They have never won the World Cup.

How many times did Spain won the worldcup?

Spain has won the world cup once

Who won the worldcup most?

Brazil (5 world cups)

Who won the cricket world cup most times?

Australia, with 4.