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is between Spain and Brazil one of them could win but they both have good players and skill they both are 1005 percent great but Spain is going to win

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Till now, not even the quarter finals have started but Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Portugal have good chances.

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Spain won the FIFA world cup 2010 versing Netherlands 1-0. It was scored in overtime

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Q: Who has won the 2010 fifa football worldcup?
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Which country won football FIFA worldcup 2010?


Which team won of worldcup football-2010?

Spain was crowned the 2010 FIFA World Cup Champion.

Which country won the fifa worldcup 2010?


Who has won FIFA worldcup?

F.I.F.A 2010 ws won by Spain.

Who win FIFA worldcup 2010?

Spain won the 2010 world cup.

Which country won football world cup in 2006?

Italy won the fifa football worldcup 2006 germany!!

Which country won FIFA Football worldcup 2007?

None - cause there was no world cup in 07

Who won the golden boot in 2010 fifa worldcup?

Thomas Muller. 5 goals.

Who won the worldcup football 2010?

Spain won the 2010 world cup beatig Holland 1-0.

Who has won FIFA worldcup in 1790?


Who won the FIFA worldcup in 2006?


Who won FIFA worldcup in 2009?

i think it was Italy