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Roger Federer has won 20 Major singles titles.

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Q: Who has won most consecutive grand slam title in tennis?
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Who has the most grand slam tennis title?

Margaret court.

Tennis which player holds the record of the most consecutive Grand Slam semi-final appearances?

Roger Federer

Which records does Roger Federer hold?

There are too many to describe here, but I will do a try.Until June 23th 2010 these are Federer's records.He's the only tennis player who has achieved the following on Grand Slams:16 Grand Slam titlesWinner and Runner-up at all four Grand Slam tournaments22 Grand Slam finals24 consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals10 consecutive Grand Slam finals3 years winning at least 3 Grand Slam titles23 consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals5 years winning at least 2 Grand Slam titlesFirst 7 Grand Slam finals won36 consecutive Grand Slam sets wonGeneral carrer records:Most consecutive weeks at No.1 (237)Most consecutive wins against top 10 ranked players (26)Most consecutive wins on hard courts (56)Most consecutive wins on grass courts (65)Most consecutive finals won (24)Most prize money in a single calendar year ($10.130.620)

Who has the most consecutive wins in tennis history?

Pete Samparas

Who won the most tennis title in history?


Who has the most consecutive wins in professional tennis?

Novak Djokovic is currently undefeated in 2011.

What female has won the most Grand Slams in men's tennis?

er - women do not play men's tennis

Who has made the most tennis grand slam semi-finals?


Who won most grand slam doubles tennis?

bryan brothers

Who has won the most grand slams in women's tennis?

cjris evert

Who won most grand slams women tennis?

Margaret Court.

Who has won most grand slams tennis?

billie jean king

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