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Q: Who has won more world cups Brazil or Germany?
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Is Brazil better than Germany?

no Brazil is much better they won more world cups and isn't a good team S

How many World Cups do Brazil have?

Brazil have won five world cups one more then Italy.

How many soccer teams have won more than three fifa world cups?

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is the 19th cup held since 1930.

What country won more world cups in history?

Brazil have won a record five world cups.

Who has more cups on soccer?

Brazil so far has won 5 world series cups

Which country has won more world cups than Italy?


Does Brazil have more football world cups than any other country?

Yes, they have the most with 5 world cups

How many world cups have Brazil Argentina Germany and England won?

Brazil has five FIFA World Cups: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. Brazil will host the World Cup in 2014.Brazil is the country with most wins. It has won the world cup five times.

Who has won the womens world cup more than 2 times?

It is Brazil and Germany.

What football club has won more cups than any other in the world?

Brazil 5 times

What countries won the World Cup more than twice?

Five countries have won the world cup more than once and only three have won it more than twice. Brazil has won the coveted trophy 5 times, Italy 4 times and Germany has won it 3 times. Argentina and Uruguay have both won it twice.

What countries have more than two World Cup Championships?

They are Germany 3, Italy 4 and Brazil 5 world cup winners.