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The wonderful Manchester United have won more trophies (16) than Chelsea (12) in the last 10 years from 2002 to 2012. This includes Community Shields as well.

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Q: Who has won more trophies in the past 10 years Chelsea or Manchester United?
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How many trophies have Manchester United won in past 6 years?

12 trophies

Which was there first Manchester united or Chelsea?

Manchester United was there first, it is 27 years older than Chelsea football club.

Who won the English Premiership the last 10 years?

2000 - Manchester United 2001 - Manchester United 2002 - Arsenal 2003 - Manchester United 2004 - Arsenal 2005 - Chelsea 2006 - Chelsea 2007 - Manchester United 2008 - Manchester United 2009 - Manchester United 2010 - Chelsea/Manchester United

Who has more trophies Liverpool or Manchester united in the last ten years?

I the last ten years it is Manchester United who have won more trophies , Champion cup in 2005 was the only one in over ten years Liverpool has won.

Which premier league side has won the most trophies in the last seven years?

It is Manchester united.

Who has more trophies Liverpool fc or Manchester united fc in the last 20 years?


How long has Fergie been boss at Manchester united?

Sir Ferguson has been coach at Manchester United for 25 years , and in that time they won 23 trophies.

Who has won more silverware in the last 10 years Chelsea or Manchester United?


Who has won more trophys in the last 4 years man ut or Chelsea?

Manchester United.

How many club trophies has Ryan Giggs won with Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has won a total of 31 trophies at Manchester United in 21 years. and he is the only player to score each year in the E.P.L. that he has played. ye ye bitch

Who has won Primear league in the last ten years?

1992-93 Manchester United 1993-94 Manchester United 1994-95 Blackburn Rovers 1995-96 Manchester United 1996-97 Manchester United 1997-98 Arsenal 1998-99 Manchester United 1999-2000 Manchester United 2000-01 Manchester United 2001-02 Arsenal 2002-03 Manchester United 2003-04 Arsenal 2004-05 Chelsea 2005-06 Chelsea 2006-07 Manchester United 2007-08 Manchester United

Who spends more money Manchester United or Chelsea?

In the past 5 years or so, Chelsea have spent more money. But, in the past, United were also big spenders. Overall though, I would say Chelsea have spent more money.

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