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Liverpool have a total of 18 league titles, Manchester United have equaled this now, 2008/09 season.

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Manchester United has won more definitely. Don't refer to the club as ManU though. Its Manchester United.

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no one has as of yet and Liverpool and man utd are both deadlocked at 18 titles each

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Man Utd - Liverpool have never won the premier league

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Q: Who has won more premiership titles man united or Liverpool?
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Who has won the premiership more times Liverpool or Manchester united?

Man Utd - they've won 11 titles; Liverpool have yet to win the Premier League.

Who is better Manchester United vs Liverpool?

This answer, if based on statistics, would result in people concluding Manchester United is better due to the fact that they have more Premiership titles than Liverpool, since Liverpool has 18 and Manchester United has 19.

Who has more fa cup titles than man united?


Who has won more trophies man utd or Liverpool?

It could be Liverpool over Manchester United by a small margin.

What team has won the most league titles in world football?

Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool Manchester City Tottenham Hotspur Aston Villa

What is the top soccer team in Liverpool?

as of the standings of the 08/09 season Manchester United.

Who has managed more than one club to Premier League or Division 1 titles?

Kenny Dalglish. He managed Liverpool to 3 division 1 titles in 85/86, 87/88 & 89/90. He then went on to win the Premiership with Blackburn Rovers in 94/95.

Who has won premiership more?

Manchester United has won the Premiership the most times.

What team has most premier league titles?

Premier League Manchester United has 19, but the club with more titles overall is Liverpool FC with 18 league titles, 7 FA Cups, the record of 8 league cups....besides Liverpool has won more European titles than any other English club, having won five European Cups (most recently in 2005), three UEFA Cups and three UEFA Super Cups.

What is the most successful soccer club in england?

It all depends on what your basing success on. Fan base could be argued as Man Utd, Premiership Titles is Man Utd Liverpool have won 18 top league titles in their history and two more European titles and so Liverpool could also claim to be the most successful club in English history If we judge teams from past results Nottingham Forrest should be considered as well

Who has more honours Liverpool or Real Madrid?

Real Madrid have more honours than Liverpool, having won 71 titles, while Liverpool only 65.

Who has won more cups Manchester united or Liverpool?