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Q: Who has won more Ohio state or Michigan?
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Related questions

Who has won more games when Michigan or Ohio State plays each other?

Michigan 57 Ohio State 42.

How many times did Ohio state won to Michigan?

Ohio state won 43 and Michigan won 57 by the end of 2009 not counting tied games

Which team won the 2005 Ohio state Michigan game?

Ohio State won that game.

Who had more national basketball championships Michigan or Ohio State?

Michigan don't forget Ohio st won in 1960. that would be a tie with Michigan

Who won the 2006 Ohio State Michigan game?

Ohio State has won the last 4. In 2006, OSU won 42-39.

What was the score of the Ohio state Michigan game in 2008?

Ohio State won, 42-7.

Who has won more bowl game Michigan or Ohio State?

Technically Ohio State has 20 bowl wins to Michigan's 19. However, due to NCAA violations Ohio State had to vacate their 2011 Sugar Bowl win so that puts them both at 19.

When was the last time Ohio State lost to Michigan?

2003, Ohio State has won five in a row.

Who has won more games against each other Michigan or Ohio state?

Michigan lead the series 57-42-6

Who won today Ohio state buckeyes versus Michigan in basketball Feb 17 2008?

Michigan beat Ohio St. 80-70.

What is Ohio State's mens basketball titles record compared to university of Michigan basketball titles?

They each have 1 NCAA Championship. Michigan won theirs in 1989 and Ohio State won theirs in 1960.

Who won the Ohio state Michigan game in 1992?

neither won it was a 13-13 tie

Who won more bowls Michigan wolverines or Ohio State buckyes?

Michigan has played in 41 bowl games with a record of 20-21-0. Ohio State has played in 42 bowl games with a record of 19-23-0.

How many games has Ohio state won when playing Michigan?

As of the beginning of the 2013 college football season, Ohio State has a record of 44-58-6 when facing Michigan in football.

Who won more Michigan state or Michigan?

well overall Michigan, but sport wise, Michigan won football,hockey,baseball Michigan state won basketball. all i can really think of

Who won in the Michigan versus Ohio state game in 2008?

They didnt play yet but i have a feeling Michigan will win

What year did Michigan shut out Ohio state?

The last time was 1993 when Michigan won, 28-0, in Ann Arbor. Michigan has shutout Ohio State 27 times with 21 of those shutouts coming before 1950. Ohio State has shutout Michigan 10 times, the last being in 1962.

Who has won more men's basketball games between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University?

Overall Michigan State has won 1,402 and University of Michigan 1,339.

What is win-loss record for Ohio State vs Michigan football games?

As of the 2009 game that Ohio State won 21-10, the Wolverines lead the series 57-43-6.A lot of the Ohio State losses were before 1950. Since 1950 Ohio State leads 31-27- 2 Michigan won or tied the first 15 games. OSU beat Michigan for the first time in 1919.

What teams have won 800 games?

Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska and Penn State. === ===

Who has won more football national titles Michigan Wolverines or Michigan State?


Who had more national basketball championships Michigan or Michigan State what years did they win it?

Michigan has never won, they have only made it to the natinal championship game. Michigan State won in 1979 and 2000

What are the 2 reasons why Michigan and Ohio state hate each other?

In 1897, Ohio State and Michigan's first Meeting, Ohio State was beaten 35-0 By Michigan, that's when the rivalry started, in 1901, the teams starting meeting every single year, Michigan won the first nine games of the series from 1901-1909 (including 1901), Michigan dominated the rivalry early. In 1922, the first game played in Ohio State's Historic stadium, Michigan beat the Ohio State Buckeyes, which had a colossal stadium at the time, of 66,000, in 1928, Michigan Spoiled Ohio State's party by opening a 88,000 seat stadium. In 1950, Ohio State and Michigan competed in a game referred to as the "snow bowl" because it was during a massive blizzard, neither teams would leave the field, Michigan won the game 3-0, and it was also Ohio State Buckeyes head coach and legend Woody Hayes' first game against the wolverines. In 1968, Ohio State Buckeyes Assistant Head Coach Bo Schembechler, transferred to Michigan as their new head coach, winning his first game against his mentor Woody Hayes, the next ten years, often referred to as "the ten year war" Ohio State and Michigan met every year both ranked in the top 5, each game was VERY close and each time determined the Big Ten champion. Both teams have a top three largest football stadium in the United states, Michigan #2 and Ohio State #3. Michigan won the 100th Meeting between the two teams in 2003. Ohio State would then take their longest streak against the Wolverines, from 2004-2008, of five games in Ohio State's history. The 2008 Match up was won 42-7 by Ohio State. Michigan leads the series , 57-42-6 Over Ohio State. It is the closest Major Rivalry the past 50 years in sports history, Ohio State leading by 5, the past 80 years, it is also the closest, Ohio State leading by 1.

Who won the Michigan Michigan state game?

Ohio State has won the last 4. In 2006, OSU won 42-39.

What is the record between Ohio State and University of Michigan in football?

Michigan leads, 57-42-6 Ohio State has won the past five years in a row. Winning seven of the past eight contests.