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Justin Morneau

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Q: Who has won MVP for the Minnesota Twins?
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Who was MVP of the 1991 world series?

Jack Morris of the Minnesota Twins won the World Series MVP award in 1991.

Who was the first forigen Major League Baseball mvp?

Probably Zoilo Versales, shortstop for the Minnesota Twins, who won the AL MVP award in 1965. Versales was born in Vedado, Cuba.

What was last time a baseball team had both a player winning the MVP award and another player winning the Cy Young award?

2006 when Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins was American League MVP and Johan Santana of the Twins won the AL Cy Young.

Who won The Detroit Tigers or The Minnesota Twins?

Twins -

Who is Joe Mauer?

Joe Mauer is a catcher for the Minnesota Twins. He was the 2009 AL MVP.

How many awards have the Minnesota Twins won?


How many American League championships have the Minnesota Twins won?

The Minnesota Twins have won six American League pennants:1924, 1925, 1933, 1965, 1987 and 1991

How many divisions did the Minnesota Twins win?

The Minnesota Twins won 94 regular season games in 2002 and won 2 games in the playoffs for a total of 96 wins

When was the Minnesota twins longest winning streak?

In 1991 the Minnesota Twins won fifteen straight games.

What was the Minnesota Twins 2010 record vs the Kansas City Royals?

The Twins won 13 games and the Royals won 5.

Who won the Minnesota Twins game on August 27 2012?

On August 27, 2012, the Seattle Mariners defeated the Minnesota Twins, 1-0.

How many times did the Minnesota Twins won the world series?