Who has won 4 ws rings?

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Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada

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Q: Who has won 4 ws rings?
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What Hall of Fame pitchers have won World Series games with 2 different teams?

1) Grover Cleveland Alexander - won 1 game in the 1915 WS with the Phillies and 2 games in the 1926 WS with the Cardinals. 2) Burleigh Grimes - won 1 game in the 1920 WS with the Robins (now Dodgers) and 2 games in the 1931 WS with the Cardinals. 3) Jim Hunter - won 2 games in the 1972 WS, 1 game in the 1973 WS, and 1 game in the 1974 WS with the Athletics and 1 game in the 1978 WS with the Yankees. 4) Bert Blyleven - won 1 game in the 1979 WS with the Pirates and 1 game in the 1987 WS with the Twins.

How many world series the A's won?

The A's have won 9 WS titles. 4 under Oakland. 5 under Philadelphia.

What teams never won a WS?


Who has won FIFA worldcup?

F.I.F.A 2010 ws won by Spain.

What teams have won the World Series?

All but 8 teams have won a World Series title. The list of teams that have not won a World Series title are listed below:San Diego Padres - 2 WS appearancesMilwaukee Brewers - 1 WS appearance (AL)Houston Astros - 1 WS appearanceTampa Bay Rays - 1 WS appearanceColorado Rockies - 1 WS appearanceSeattle Mariners - 0 WS appearancesWashington Nationals - 0 WS appearancesTexas Rangers - 2 WS appearances

If Joe Montana won 4 Super Bowls then why does he only have 3 rings?

He does have 4 rings. He has 3 super bowl MVP's.

How many Super Bowl rings did johny unitas get?

jhony unitas won 4 superbowl rings

When have the A's won the World Series?

The Athletics won 9 World Series titles. They won 5 WS Titles in Philadelphia, 1911, 1913, 1929, and 1930. They did not win a title in Kansas City, and 4 WS titles in Oakland, 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1989.

Who won the 2008 ws?

the Philadelphia phillies won the world series in 2008

How many Super bowl rings Joe Montana won?


How many Super Bowl rings has Terry Bradshaw won?


Top 10 teams that won the World Series?

Top 10 teams Most World Series titlesNew York Yankees - 27 WS titlesSt. Louis Cardinals - 10 WS titlesOakland Athletics - 9 WS titlesBoston Red Sox - 7 WS titlesLos Angeles Dodgers - 6 WS titlesCincinatti Reds 5 WS titlesPittsburgh Pirates 5 WS titlesSan Fransisco Giants 5 WS titlesDetroit Tigers 4 WS titlesWhite Sox, Braves, Twins and Orioles each tied with 3 WS titles

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