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Q: Who has the undertaker never pinned?
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Who has pinned the undertaker?

Many people.BatistaTriple HBig ShowThe Great KhaliEdgeetc

Who won the elimination chamber on smackdown?

chris jerico codebreak the undertaker and pinned him

Did Undertaker win at Unforgiven?

Yes he pinned mark Henry after last ride out of the corner.

Did undertaker object to getting pinned by one foot by the great khali?

Pro Wrestling is not a sport

Has the undertaker ever submitted?

No! Undertaker has never officially submitted. CM Punk's "sumission" was planned with referee Scott Armstrong, CM Punk, and Teddy Long. But they all got what they deserved. And he did not submit to Kurt Angle. Angle was pinned at the same time right before Undertaker tapped out., so technically he didn't submit.

Who will be the next phenom after the undertaker?

No one. There will never be another phenom after the Undertaker. Never.

Has the undertaker ever tapped out?

Undertaker has never been DEFEATED by submission. He has tapped, but never defeated through Submission. Another answer: Undertaker has never tapped out.

Did team hell no and the undertaker beat the shield?

No, in fact The Shield defeated both Team Hell No and The Undertaker on RAW on 22nd April. However, Daniel Bryan was the man who was pinned.

Did undertaker retire what year?

undertaker never retired

Did undertaker lose in WrestleMania?

No the Undertaker has never lost at Wrestlemania

Did Shawn Michaels beat the undertaker wrestlemania26?

No, the Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26 in the Career vs. Streak match. He pinned him after a tombstone, thus forcing Michaels to retire from the WWE.

Can Shawn Michels beat the undertaker?

No Shawn michels has never beat the undertaker and i know he can never beat him.

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