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that one team with the hats

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Q: Who has the the best rosters Major League Baseball the show or Major League Baseball 2k12?
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When is Major League Baseball 2K12 coming out?


Can you get my player on Major League Baseball 2k12 on wii?


How do you update nba 2k12 roster?

You go to the Rosters tab and go to Reset Rosters.

How do you update NBA 2K12?

go to the menu go down to options then press reset rosters

When will Major League Baseball 2K12 be released for the PS3?

The game will be released on March 6, 2012 for the PS3 and it will also be released for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PSP, PS2, Xbox 360, & PC

Can you update your nba 2k11 rosters to 2k12 currents without owning a copy of 2k12 I'm mainly asking because I'd like to put the current rookies on 2k12 and update Jeremy Lin's stats?

First of all why is lin so amazing.

Is mike trout in MLB 2k12?

yes and i'm pretty sure his overall is 74 without the updated rosters

Does Major League Basebal 2K12 have the Miami Marlins?

Yeah, I'm sure they do because they showed one the Marlins player in a Miami Marlins uniform.

When will Major League Baseball 2K12 be released?

The game will be released on March 6, 2012. It will also be available for the PS2 if anyone wonders if new PS2 titles are still being made. PSP Nintendo Wii PS3 Xbox 360 Nintendo DS and PC versions of the game will also be available

What is the last ps2 game?

They might not have made the last game many have been released since the question was asked including. Major League Baseball 2K12 PS2 release was March 6 2012 and they may make a Major League Baseball 2K13 for the PS2 FIFA 12 PS2 release was on September 27 2011 and they may make a FIFA 13 for PS2 I do not know when the last PS2 exclusive game was released and don't think it would have been for the USA market

How do you increase league-wide popularity in NBA 2k12?

you have to choose A OR x in your post game interviews

What is 2k12?

NBA 2K12 is the best game ever out and nobody can beat me in NBA 2K12

Is Bryce Harper in MLB 2k12?

No. I don't know why either. I think he should be. He will be once the creators of MLB 2K12 get the next roster download available. He had to play in an MLB game before they have the rights to make him into the game, for instance, Jason Heyward wasn't on the Braves roster until his first MLB game (Minor League games don't count as credit to make video game rosters). I'm a huge Twins fan and would love to have highly touted prospect Miguel Sano in the game but that won't happen until his first MLB game appearance.

What team does Patrick mills play for on nba 2k12?

In NBA 2k12 patty mills plays for the Portland Trail Blazers this is how you get him to the spurs first go into rosters and go into the trailblazers roster go to point guards and click on Patrick Mills then click on trade and trade him with one the spurs point guards don't worry about his number it will automatically go to number 8 which is his number for the San Antonio Spurs

How do you steal on Major League Baseball 2k12 xbox?

You have to lead off the bag like 3 or 4 steps (if u want to have more success) and then hold down LT then when you feel the remote vibrate, you press the button (A, B, X, Y) that you are on, then when the pitcher pitches the ball, you fly!! O and don't forget to dive/slide (dive L thumbstick up, slide L thumbstick down)

Is NBA 2k12 and NBA 2k12 legends showcase on one game CD?

yes and i know because I have NBA 2K12

How do you steal in MLB 2k12?

How to steal a base in MLB 2k12 wii

How do you steal in Wii MLB 2k12?

How to steal a base in MLB 2k12 wii

Is nba 2k12 for wii is like nab 2k12 for Xbox 360?

No 360 is way better then wii

What is the cheat code for slam dunk contest in nba 2k12?

cheat code 2k12 slam dunk cheat

Should you buy NBA 2k11 or 2k12?

Obviously NBA 2k12! it is the latest version with all the updated squads.

Where can you download NBA 2k12 for psp?

You can connect to the PSN from the PSP's menu bar. If NBA 2K12 is available, you can purchase and download it from there.

When is MLB 2k13 coming out?

2K Sports has given many signals that this game will mark the end of the MLB 2K series. The game was left off the list of games for 2K's 2013 fiscal year, which was the same way they signaled the end of the NHL 2K series and the College Hoops series. [6] A Take Two spokesman commented,"Our legacy Major League Baseball agreement will sunset in fiscal 2013. MLB 2K12 is our last offering under that agreement. At this time, we have no further comment." [7]

Will NBA 2K13 be better than NBA 2K12?

nba 2k13 will be better than 2k12 because 12 is very boring

What are the different between 2k11 2k12 2k13?

nba 2k13 is the best. nba 2k11 was ok but not great. nba 2k12 was fantastic.