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Colt Brennan with University of Hawa'ii in 2006 with 58 passing touchdowns

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Q: Who has the season touchdown pass record in NCAA football?
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Who holds the NCAA record for most kick returns for a touchdown in a season?

Oh simpson

What wide receiver holds the NCAA record for touchdown receptions in a single season?

Jarett Dillard (Senior, Rice University) broke the record for career touchdown receptions this year.

Who has the record for longest ncaa interception return for a touchdown and how many yards was it?

Kansas's Aqib Talib with a 102 yard return against Florida International in the 2007-2008 football season.

Who had the most touchdown receptions in a single season in the NCAA?

The NCAA record for most touchdown receptions in a single season belongs to David Kircus. In 2002, Kircus had 35 receiving touchdowns for Division II Grand Valley State.

What quarterback scored the most touchdowns in a single season?

In the NFL, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady holds the record for the most passing touchdowns in a single season, with 50 touchdown passes in 2007. In NCAA college football, Brett Elliott of Linfield College (Division III) holds the single season passing touchdown record, with 61 in 2004. The NCAA Division I record is held by Colt Brennan of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, with 58 touchdown passes in 2006. Steve Grogan of the 1976 New England Patriots scored the most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in NFL history with 12.

Who holds the ncaa div 1 single season freshman running back touchdown record?

Reggae bush

What quarterback threw the most touchdown passes in 2006?

In the NFL, Peyton Manning threw 31 touchdown passes to lead the NFL in 2006. In Division I-A NCAA football, Colt Brennan for the University of Hawai'i threw the most touchdown passes in 2006 and set the new NCAA record with 58 touchdown passes and only 12 interceptions. His setting of the new record was due to the rule that bowl games now counted towards records, which allowed him to improve from 53 TD's during the regular season to 58 in total, passing David Klinger's record of 54 set in 1990 with the University of Houston.

What is the NCAA touchdown record for rushing by a freshman?


What is the all time NCAA football record for tackles in a season?

The NCAA record for the most tackles in a season is held by Kevin Talley. He recorded 195 with Norfolk State in 2003. However, Lawrence Flugence holds the FBS (Division 1) record with 193 tackles in a season for Texas Tech in 2002.

What is the Single Season Total points record for a NCAA Football team?

Oklahoma holds the NCAA record for the most points scored in a single season with 702 points through 12 games in the 2008-2009 season, which is 58.5 points per game

What is the single season record for rushing yards in D-1A NCAA Football?

In 1988 Barry Sanders set the single season record in D-1A with 2,628 yards.

What team hold record for points for a season in NCAA football?

Points Scored, Season (14 games) 716 - Oklahoma 2008

Who holds the ncaa football record for most carries in a season?

450-Kevin Smith, UCF, 2007 (2,567 yards)

What is Colt Brennan most well known for?

Colt Brennan is a Professional Quarterback Football Player. He played college football at Hawaii. He was then drafted in 2008 by the Washington Redskins who released him after two years. He last played for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League. Colt holds several NCAA Division records including the record for most touchdown passes in a single season.

Who holds the NCAA rushing touchdown record in one year?


What NCAA Team holds the most consecutive Point after touchdown record?

Manchester United

Who holds the single season block record in NCAA basketball?

Wojciech Mydra holds the single season record for blocks in NCAA history

What is the single season record for completion percentage in D -1A NCAA Football?

76.7% held by Colt McCoy of the University of Texas

Why does ncaa give out football awards prior to bowl games?

The NCAA has no controlling body over the bowl games or the BCS. The NCAA college football season is over after the regular season in Div 1 college football. Therefore the awards are given at the conclusion of the season.

What is the record for most rushing attempts in a single season for NCAA Division I college football?

The most carries in a single season in Division I was 450 by Kevin Smith from UCF in 2007.

What is the NCAA football record for Tennessee vs Arkansas?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Tennessee leads the all-time series 12-3.

Who are the NCAA top 3 rushing touchdown leaders all time in WAC football?

LT:ladanian tomlinson

What was UF football record in 1979?

0-10-1 under Coach Charley Pell in his first season. In 1980 they set the NCAA turnaround record by going 8-3.

Who holds the NCAA career Rushing Touchdown record?

Travis Prentice Miami Redhawks (Oxford) 73 touchdowns

What is the record for most turnovers in an NCAA football game?

The record for most turnovers in an NCAA football game is 13. This statistic was achieved by Georgia Tech against Georgia in 1951 when they had 5 fumbles and 8 interceptions.