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the government

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Q: Who has the right to enter and leave Canada at will?
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Who has the right to enter n leave Canada at will?

Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Section 6, subsection 1 forsees that the answer is… Canadians.

Did Canada make the right decision to enter WW11?


What us state does the continental divide leave to enter Canada?

The Continental Divide enters Canada through Montana. The Continental Divide stretches all the way from Canada straight to the country of Mexico.

What is Right of egress?

The right of "ingress and egress" is the right to enter and leave. With land it would be an easement, or right of way, over some other property in order to access your own.

Where the great vessels enter and leave the heart?

They enter and leave on the or at the superior border.

What is exits and entrances in theatre?

"Exit" means that a character's part has finished for the moment and they leave the stage. "Exit right" means they leave by the right side facing the stage, and "exit left" vice versa. "Enter" is just the opposite. It means the character comes on stage to enter the scene.

Can a Canadian citizen enter Canada with Malaysian passport and a Canadian citizenship card?

You have the right to enter Canada if you are a Canadian citizen. The passport should prove your identification, and the citizenship card should prove your citizenship - my guess is a strong yes.

What are some reasons why Upper Canada might not want to enter into the Confederation?

because the did not feel confedration was right or it was not a good dsolution

What is the direction to Canada from South Africa?

Southeast, if you leave from Atlantic Canada Southwest, if you leave from Pacific Canada

In the heart which Sid dose the depleted blood enter and leave?

Depleted blood enters and leaves the right side of the heart.

Can a person with a vincentian passport enter Canada Visa free?

not again you need a visa to enter to canada

Can a convicted felon enter Canada and return to the us?

Chances are good that once you leave U.S. soil, that is if they let you, you may not get back. Homeland Security and all that