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Reggie Jackson holds the record for the most strikeouts in a single career in Major League Baseball, in his career he struck out 2,597 times.

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Q: Who has the record for the most strikouts in a career for a major league baseball hitter?
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Who has the record for the most career innings in Major League Baseball?

major league baseball for the most career innings?

When did Connie Mack start his career in major league baseball?

Connie Mack began his major league baseball career in 1886. He played the position of catcher for the Washington Nationals.

What is the diffrance in American league and national league in baseball?

The American League uses the Designated hitter, and the pitcher does not bat as in the National League.

Does the pitcher in a Major League Baseball game get to hit?

There are two leagues in American major league baseball, the American League and the National League. The American League has the designated hitter rule which allows for someone other than the pitcher to bat in the pitcher's place. The pitcher does not bat in the American League. The National League does not have the designated hitter rule. The pitcher does bat in the National League.

Which Major League Baseball player holds the record for career batting average in Major League Baseball history?

That is Ty Cobb who hit .366 (.3664) during a 24 year career from 1905-1928.

What was Jackie Robinson career?

He was a major league baseball player.

Who has the most pitches to one hitter in major league baseball?


Who holds the major league baseball record for the most career hits?

Pete Rose, with 4,256 career hits.

What president was a major league broadcaster?

None, but Ronald Reagan did broadcast minor league baseball in his early career.

Who if anyone pitched a no hitter in their first appearance in major league baseball?

Bumpus Jones of the Cincinnati Reds threw a no hitter on October 15, 1892 in his first major league game.

When did the designated hitter in Major League Baseball start?

On April 6, 1973, Ron Blomberg of the Yankees became the first designated hitter in Major League Baseball history, against Red Sox right-hander Luis Tiant. He walked.

What is a designated hitter in Major League Baseball?

a player who hits but does not play the field.

Who pitched the first no hitter in major league baseball?

becouse they like rainforest

Who holds the professional baseball record for most home runs in a career?

In Major League Baseball, it is Barry Bonds with 762. However his record has been questioned because of his alleged steroid use. The current second place home run hitter is Henry "Hank" Aaron with 755.

How many players start a baseball team?

9 in the National League and 10 in the American League (because of the designated hitter).

What are the career Minor League stats for Carlos Carrasco?

The career minor league stats for Carlos Carrasco can be found by following this link

Who has the most career assists at shortstop?

The Major League Baseball player that has the most career Assists as a Shortstop is Ozzie Smith he was able to get 8,375 assists in his career.

What League was Lou Gehrig during baseball?

Gehrig played his entire career with the New York Yankees in the American League.

When is a no hitter in Major League Baseball not a no hitter?

When a pitcher throws hitless baseball for five innings, and the game becomes official because of rain, darkness or some other act of God. Several years ago, Major League Baseball erased several shortened no-hit games from the record books.

What regulation added more offensive punch to American baseball league in 1973?

The designated Hitter was adopted by the American League in 1973.

Which position in the united states game of baseball is not played in the national league?

Designated hitter.

Are Baseball pitchers allowed to be at bat?

In the National Baseball League - the pitcher is not only allowed to bat - he is required to. In the American Baseball League, the pticher does not bat. He was replaced in that capacity many years ago by the "designated hitter".

What major league hitter has the record for lifetime strikeouts?

Reggie Jackson with 2,597 strikeouts in his career is the batter with the most times struckout.

Who owns the major league baseball record for most singles in a career?

Pete Rose

Who are the top ten in career grand slams in baseball major league?

Lou Gehrig