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Major League Baseball for the most career innings?

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Q: Who has the record for the most career innings in Major League Baseball?
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Who holds the Major League Baseball career record for most innings played?

I can't say as that I know that answer but since Pete Rose holds the MLB career record for games played with 3,562 my guess would be Pete Rose.

Most innings ever played in major league baseball?

The MLB record for innings played was 26 by Brooklyn and Boston in 1920. The minor league record is 33 innings between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Socks in 1981.

Who has the record for the most strikouts in a career for a major league baseball hitter?

Reggie Jackson holds the record for the most strikeouts in a single career in Major League Baseball, in his career he struck out 2,597 times.

Consecutive scoreless innings for a team?

The Major League Baseball team with the most consecutive scoreless innings is 56 by the Pittsburgh Pirates. They have held that record since 1903.

Who holds the major league baseball record for the most career hits?

Pete Rose, with 4,256 career hits.

What is the American league record for most consecutive shutout innings pitched by one red sox pitcher?

The Red Sox record is 45 shutout innings by Cy Young of the 1904 team. During this streak he pitched 25 1/3 hitless innings, still a major league record. The American League record for shutout innings is 56 by Walter Johnson of the 1913 Washington Senators.

Who owns the major league baseball record for most singles in a career?

Pete Rose

What is the record for most consecutive shutout innings pitched by one team?

In 1910 The Portland Beavers won their second Pacific Coast League title, achieving a remarkable record in the process; the Beavers pitchers threw a baseball record 88 consecutive shutout innings.

Who holds the major league baseball record for most career hits in the postseason?

derek jeter

What is the Major League Baseball hits record?

Pete Rose, hit 4,255 hits in his career

What is has the most strikeouts in Major League Baseball?

Nolan Ryan, with 5,714 strikeouts, holds the career record.

What was Harvey Haddix's major league record?

Most no hit innings in 1 game

Which Major League Baseball player holds the record for career batting average in Major League Baseball history?

That is Ty Cobb who hit .366 (.3664) during a 24 year career from 1905-1928.

What is the most innings played in MLB?

The major league record was 26 innings. The game was ended in a 1-1 tie on account of darkness.

In baseball who holds the record for most RBIs?

Career and Single Season RBI LeadersHank Wilson of the Chicago Cubs holds the major League record for RBIs in a single season with 191 hit in 1930. New York Yankees, Lou Gehrig holds the American League record for RBIs in a single season with 184 in 1931. Hank Aaron holds the Major League record for career RBIs with 2,297 and the National League record with 2,202. Babe Ruth is second in career RBIs with 2,218, and hold the American League career RBI record with 2,201.

Has a major league baseball team scored at least one run in all nine innings?

Yes. Its been done 7 times, all in the National League (most recently 5/5/99 Rockies vs Cubs). The American League record is eight straight innings.

What major league baseball teams holds the record for the most innings played in a single game?

The longest game, innings wise, in MLB history was in 1920 between the Brooklyn Robins and the Boston Braves. It lasted 26 innings and ended in a 1-1 tie.

Who holds the record number of runs in a playing career?

For Major League Baseball, it's Rickey Henderson - 2,295

Who threw the most no hitters in baseball?

Nolan Ryan, he is the major league record holder for no hitters during a career.

What pitcher has the most strikeouts in magor league baseball?

Nolan Ryan holds the career record with 5,714 strikeouts.

What is the major league record for most consecutive innings pitched without giving up a walk?

Bill Fischer of the 1962 Kansas City Athletics holds the MLB and American League record for most consecutive innings pitched with allowing a walk with 84 1/3.Greg Maddux holds the National League record at 72 1/3 consecutive innings pitched without allowing a walk.

What Major League Baseball player has the lowest era in history?

RHP Edward "Big Ed" Augustine Walsh, who debuted in Major League Baseball MLB) for the American League (AL) Chicago White Sox on May 7, 1904, pitched 14 seasons in MLB -- all but one with the Chicago White Sox -- with a career Win-Loss record of 195-126 in 2964 innings pitched in 430 games (315 games started and 250 complete games). Walsh hold the MLB record for the lowest career ERA, posting a career ERA of 1.82.

Who holds the major league career record for walks?

Me and your mom

Who holds the MLB record with a .367 batting average?

Ty Cobb batted .367 for his career. That is the highest career batting average in major league baseball history.

Who has the record for most innings pitched in a single major league baseball game?

Joe Oeschger (Boston Red Sox) and Leon Cadore (Brooklyn Dodgers) both pitched 26 innings against each other on May 1st, 1920..