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Darryl Sittler scored 389 goals over his 12-year Maple Leaf and NHL career. Mats Sundin overtook Sittler's record in October 2007 against the New York Islanders.

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Q: Who has the record for most goals as a maple leaf?
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Who has played the most games as a Maple Leaf?

Hall of Famer George Armstrong holds the Maple Leafs record for career games at 1187.

What is the record for Most goals in one period of one hockey game?

The record for most goals in one period goes to the Buffalo Sabres. They scored 9 goals in the second period against the Toronto Maple Leafs on March 19, 1981

Which Leaf has the most overtime goals?

Mats Sundin. He has 15 goals in total. He holds the all-time NHL record (Except, for Jagomir Jagr, Patrik Elias and Sergei Fedorov are also tied with Mats Sundin for the all-time record (15 overtime goals) although neither one of them played for the Toronto Maple Leafs except for Sundin.

Dave Keon and Dave Reid share a Leaf record for which accomplishment?

most shorthanded goals in one season

Which team hold the record for most goals scored?

Brazil holds this record for the most goals scored.

What was the most popular thing about the Canada flag?

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What is the Buffalo Sabres record for goals in one period?

they scored 9 goals in one period against the Toronto maple leafs in 1981. This actually stands as the most goals scored in a single period by any teAM AS well.

Who had the most points as a Toronto maple leaf ever?

mats sundin

What is the nhl record for most goals ever?

15 goals

What is the most expensive school in Trinidad and Tobago?

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Who held the record for most goals scored in World Cup appearances before Renaldo?

The record for the most goals before Ronaldo was the German Gert Muller with 14 goals.

What is the worlds record for the most netball goals in one game?

123 goals

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