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10/11/2008 - Georgia dominated the clock against Tennessee, 42:04 to 17:56.

9/26/2009 - Georgia Tech dominated the clock against North Carolina 42:06 to 17:54

10/9/2010 - BYU dominated the clock against SDSU, 45:01 to 14:59.

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Answer Career - 468, Travis Prentice, Miami of Ohio, 1996-1999 Season - 234, Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State, 1988 Single Game - 48, Howard Griffith, Illinois, 1990 vs. Southern Illinois

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Q: Who has the record for NCAA football points?
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What team hold record for points for a season in NCAA football?

Points Scored, Season (14 games) 716 - Oklahoma 2008

Who has the best record NCAA football history?

University of Notre Dame

What player holds the Kansas State women's record for most career points in the NCAA Tournament?

Kendra Wecker had 159 NCAA Tournament career points

Who holds the NCAA women's basketball career points record?

Jackie Stiles (Southwest Missouri State, 2001) holds the NCAA record with 3,393 points during her college career. Referenced at

What division 1 ncaa football has the worst record in team history?


What NCAA women's player holds the record for the most points scored?

no one

Who is number one in ncaa 2013?

Men NCAA's state ranking- Indiana 1,624 points Record 24-3

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What is Michigan's overall record in NCAA football?

869 Wins 286 Losses and 36 ties.

What school holds the ncaa division 1-aa football attendance record?

university of Montana

What player holds the kansas state women's record for the most career points in the NCAA tournament?

Kendra Wecker, 159 points

What team holds the record for most consecutive winning seasons in NCAA football and can they be listed?

In Division I football, according to the 2008 NCAA Division I football records manual, the record is 40 and held by Nebraska (1962-2001) and Notre Dame (1889-1932, Notre Dame did not field teams in 1890 and 1891). Click on the 'NCAA Division I Football Records' link below to see the manual. You will need Adobe Reader to be able to view it.