Who has the oldest American football rivalry?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Brazil and Argentina. the outcome is in the favour of BRAZILSince the first match in 1914 till the last match on 28th sept.2011,the two football teams met each other 98 times,Brasil won 39,Argentina 35,Draw 24.Brasil scored 152 goals,Argentina 150 goals.

This is consedering matches finished with penalty kicks as DRAW,but if we consider it as win and loose ,then Brasil is having 42 wins,Argentina 36,and Draw in 20 only.

The above statistics and records are from liable,unbiased,and respectifull sources , such as

IFFHS and RSSSF websites .

-The International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) - Sources: Historia de la Selección Argentina 1902-1997 (El Gráfico) Argentina, Historia de la Selección de Fútbol, desde 1893 hasta 1991 (R. R. Ediciones) Cien años con el fútbol. Asociación del Fútbol Argentino. AFA. 1893 Centenario 1993 (AFA) Sólo Fútbol Anuario '85 (issue 1) Sólo Fútbol Anuario '86 (issue 2) -Brazilian Sources: Arquivo da Seleção Brasileira (Marcelo Leme de Arruda) O Almanaque do Futebol Brasileiro (1995, Marco Aurelio Klein and Sergio Alfredo Audinino) Tira-Teima Placar N°1 Tudo o que voce sempre quis saber sobre Futebol (November 1997, Placar [Brazil]) Other Sources: International Football in South America 1901-1991 (Miguel Angel Bestard, Michael Robinson & Mike Ross) The Guinness Book of World Soccer (2nd edition [1995], Guy Oliver) Enciclopedia Mundial del Fútbol (Editorial Océano - Viscontea) -

Even FIFA and Argentina football association used to admitt that Brasil won more,but changed their records after the friendly match held in Doha on 17th oct.2010.

Argentinian famous football players used to admitt that Brasil is supremacy over Argentina.

Mr. Grondona,head of Argentina football association,announced in 2010 that Brasil always proofed that they are the strongest and the best in football world ,and Argentina comes behind Brasil.

And here is a comparison between both teams which clearly show the brasilian supremacy

Brasil 5 worldcups, Argentina only 2.

Brasil 3 confidrations cups,Argentina 1 only.

Brasil 11 southamerica u17 cups ,argentina 2.

Brasil 10 southamerica u20 cups,argentina 4.

Brasil 8 roca cup,argentina 4.

Brasil 1 superclasico,argentina zero.

Brasil 5 u20 world cup , argentina 6.

Brasil 3 u17 worldcup,argentina zero.

Brasil 6 southamerica pre Olympics gold,Argentina 2

Brasil dominates all countries in the world with no exceptions(86 countries),but argentina(70 countries) is dominated by italy,germany,england,denmark,china,Cameroon,and other two countries.

Brasil stayed number one in fifa ranking for 15 years in total out of 18 years(ranking age since 1993),but argentina only 9 months!!!

Brasil stayed number 1 in ELO ranking for 35 years out 58 years ( ELO age) followed by hungary,but argentina never been number 1 for 58 years!!

Brasil is number 1 in FIFA all times ranking since it is created till now.

Even copa america ,because Brasil host it less (4times less),and absent more(6 times more) than argentina,that's why argentina took it more!!Uruguay overcomed Argentina now,!

Brasil achieved a unique achievement between 2002 till 2005,by winning all world and continent football championships for all ages(men,u15,u17,and u20),NO other country in the world did that.

Brasilian clubs defeated argentinian clubs in 207 occasions,and loose in 156 occasions,and Draw took place in 42 occasions thru history.

Pele is the best player ever by FIFA.

FIFA all times worldcups team selected by fifa experts,out of 22 players,14 are Brasilians,2 only from argentina.

Brasilian league is selected always to be the best league in the world,followed by England league.

Brasil is the highest scoring team in the world cups with 210 goals ,and the lowest recieving goals , but argentina is the highest in getting red and yellow cards!!

Brasil is the most popular team in all times!.

Brasil in football is from different planet !

Lionedas,the famous Brasilian player in the past ,is the one who created the double kick.

Physics scientests in europe held a confrence in 1998, just to study how to apply physics laws on the free kick of the Brasilian player Roberto Carlos in Brasil France friendly match in 1997.

And so many things to mention.Brasil is supremacy over the whole world not only Argentina.

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in schools there can not be rivals but in English football Liverpool fc and Manchester United are the biggest rivals. Manchester united have won the league 19 times and Liverpool fc have won the league 18 times. also sinse Kenny dalglish the Liverpool fc legend came back, Manchester united are no where next to Liverpool fc. this season Liverpool fc beat Manchester uited 3-1. that can also prove Liverpool fc can be the greatest team in football history. back in them dalglish times Liverpool fc used to play Barcelona football.

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The St. Louis Cardinals versus the Chicago Cubs have been facing each other since 1885.

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Harvard and Yale hold the oldest football rivalry. "The Game" was first played in 1875.

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Q: Who has the oldest American football rivalry?
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What is the Pittsburgh Steelers and Browns rivalry about?

The Browns-steelers rivalry is a National Football League rivalry between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. With 121 meetings and counting , it is the oldest rivalry and the most storied in the American Football Confrence.

What is the history of the Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers rivalry?

The Browns Steelers rivalry is a National Football League rivalry between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. With 121 meetings and counting, it is the oldest rivalry and the most storied in the American Football Conference.

When did the oldest football rivarly start?

Harvard and Yale hold the oldest football rivalry. "The Game" was first played in 1875.

You read that Minnesota vs Wisconsin was oldest rivalry?

The rivalry between Wisconsin and Minnesota is the oldest rivalry in FBS (formerly Division I-A) football dating back to 1890. The two schools have played each other 118 times. The oldest non-FBS college football rivalry is Harvard-Yale dating back to 1875

What is the oldest rivalry in Division 3 college football?

williams vs. amherst

What is the oldest rivalry in sports in the US?

Wisconsin vs Minnesota football. It dates back to 1890.

Is Auburn and Georgia the oldest rivalry in college football?

Top 3 oldest rivalries (not including military academies): Michigan v Ohio St, Oklahoma v Texas, and Alabama v Auburn.Oldest rivalry in college football history: Michigan vs. Notre Dame - it goes back to 1887 (123 years)Oldest rivalry in division 3? williams vs. amherstoldest collge football coach in history of college football? Joe Paterno of the Penn State Nittany Lions.The Answer to the Question is no. Auburn vs Georgia is not the oldest rivalry in college football. Harvard vs Yale started in 1875.As far as the 'oldest' coach in college football history: Amos Alonzo Stagg coached until he was 96.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the oldest American football team in the US?

No, they are not. But they are the oldest franchise in the NFL's American Football Conference.

What is the oldest rivalry in American sports?

Harvard - Yale played their first college football game on Nov. 13, 1875 - 138 years ago

What is the oldest high school football Thanksgiving rivalry?

Wellesley high school vs. Needham High school on thanksgiving day is the oldest high school football rivalry. started in 1882, wellesley has won 59 games and Needham has one 53 and there has been 9 ties.

How long is the oldest college football rivalry?

The oldest prep school football rivalry is between the Peddie School and Blair Academy.

What is the oldest rivial in sports?

The oldest rivalry in sports is between Liverpool and everton.