Who has the most wins in racing?

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Richard Petty won 200 NASCAR races during his career.

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Q: Who has the most wins in racing?
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Kentucky is currently at 1995 wins in their school's history. They are racing to become the first team with 2000 wins. The team closest to UK is North Carolina with 1989.

Who is the winningest Jockey?

Russell Avery Baze is a retired horse racing jockey. He holds the record for the most race wins in North American horse racing history, and is a member of the United States Racing Hall of Fame.

Who has the most wins in dirt bike racing?

I believe it"# little Billy, my 7year old neighbor. Man can that kid ride.

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Kasey Kahne won at Charlotte Motor Speedway the most in his Nascar racing career. He has five total wins at Charlotte, four in the Cup Series and one in the Nationwide Series.

What is the most popular kind of horse racing?

Thoroughbred flat racing is the most popular type of horse racing. It is the type of racing done in most countries.

What does Elliot sadler make a year?

Who cares? He is racing in the Nationwide series and the money is in the Cup series. He obviously is racing for wins, not cash.

Why is Phar lap famous?

Phar Lap is famous for his great wins in horse racing

How much does a jockey win if he wins the race?

In the United States, in Thoroughbred racing the jockey wins 10% of the horse's winnings for a given race.

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Herve Filion was a Canadian harness racer.

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